01 May, 2019

Drafting the Apron Pattern

Think of this as part #2 from the previous post. The apron found among my mother's scrap bins has provided itself for drafting purposes. I drew up and cut out an apron to be what I thought was an exact replica. It all went together well. Before I added the buttonholes I decided to try it on. The fit seemed good, and I liked the length. Mr. Goodneedle thought it looked like a throw-back jumper to the 1970's! Ha, little does he remember, I never wore my skirts that long back then!

It looks good from the back too-- right? NO!! When I look over my shoulder all I can see are wings!
I really don't like that "flare" from the side. That's when I remembered the additional seam in the original apron that I chose to omit. I figured that Aunt Lizzie put a seam there to conserve on fabric. No, it is actually a shaping seam. I laid them both on the cutting table, side by side, and finger-folded in the seam; this should make all the difference!
And so, the apron drafting continues! In other news these past few days~
I have completed the quilting on two Quilts of Valor
and on a customer quilt.
My volunteer postion as church secretary sees me (us!) seated here on Mondays composing the church bulletin, the monthly newsletter and any other correspondence that the church needs accomplished. Hannes likes Mondays, helping Mom get her work done. 

Tomorrow I leave on a weekend quilting retreat with my friends. This year I decided to pre-cut everything I need to place those long-ago back-burnered projects up front. The Dogs in Sweaters quilt will be first. I have pre-cut everything that I need to simply sit and sew. That's a LOT of ziploc bags in that bin; all numbered, lettered and sorted. I hope to make excellent progress.
The second project that I have WANTED to do forever is the jelly roll rug. I have all the components ready including miles and miles of rotary cut batting!
But, for tonight, I have a few kitchen tasks to attend to. Should I wear my new apron for them?
Maybe I should! Oh, yes, my friends! It's strawberry season once again in North Carolina. 
Picked today, just down the road.
Life is Good!
Berry, berry good...


Quilting Babcia said...

I'm following your apron pattern drafting with great interest! That is a beautiful apron with a great fit, and functional too. Perfectly lovely. Strawberries - yum! We have the rhubarb almost ready for picking, but I believe the rodents managed to destroy what few strawberry plants we had left from last year. Enjoy your retreat!

Little Penpen said...

Cute!!!!!! I'll bet that tuck will lay those wings right on down. Enjoy your retreat time.

Quiltdivajulie said...

From what I've observed, precutting for a retreat is the only way to go (not that I've had first hand experience - only vicarious adventures through others like you). Congratulations on the apron progress - and enjoy those berries!

Janet O. said...

I always knew you had wings. :)
Sometimes when we think we have improved upon a design, we find out instead why it was designed the way it was. Now you can hide your wings and no one will be the wiser.
I love having things precut for retreats. Then I get so much done. That is such a cute quilt of dogs in sweaters. Perfect.
Beautiful berries. Nothing like that here yet.

Tanya said...

Hi Hannes!!! You are a cutie! I wish you'd give my doxie some lessons on how to warm up to one's new family... Our John still is a feisty fellow!

A couple of years ago I think you introduced that Dogs in Sweaters pattern and I immediately bought it and make a quilt for my neighbors who have four dachshunds. Now that John has joined our family I may need to make a Dogs in Sweaters quilt for myself (or at least a cushion!)