18 September, 2019

Home Again, Home Again

I'm back! You may not have noticed the absence, I have been slow to post lately and got too busy to load any posts ahead of time before being in New England for the last week and a half. As you can see, I was lucky enough to visit Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH on Saturday last week, it was a rainy day and where better to spend time? And, yes, I found some goodies! 😁

Right around the corner of the porch on which I am standing is the site of the new Pineapple Fabrics store. It is featured as one of the top ten quilt shops in the current BH&G Quilt Sampler magazine; it does not disappoint, either! This space is filled with precuts; colorful displays, a wonderful room in which to relax (for quilter's spouses or those waiting on shoppers) equipped with a television, comfy chairs and complimentary beverages-- take a peek at the one minute video hyper-linked above-- you'll see!
A quick stop for Cider Bellies, donuts freshly made and hot out of the fryer, at a farm stand on the way to Keepsake made for a perfect day's outing! These may have been consumed in the car before even leaving the parking lot! Ah, fall in New England-- I wish you could have smelled this place, the donuts are positively irresistible!
Time spent in New England was precious family time. I carried a stack of quilt labels to document my Mother's quilts for her. Last time I visited we photographed and jotted pertinent data for each one.
This trip I sat and added the labels to the backs of each one. Don't ever neglect to document your quilts and include your quilt's name, your name, the year and where you were living when you made it; that's pretty much the bare minimum of what should goes on your label; naturally, if you can add more information it doesn't hurt (pattern name and/or source, quilter's name if different than piecer, etc.); you may think that you'll always remember and a label isn't necessary. Believe me, it really, truly is!!

My sister gave me this precious antique child's iron and ironing board during the visit. I still can't believe it; it reminds me so much of the ironing board that I had when I was three years old. I love it!

There's more to share and I know that I need to get back to the "little houses" teaser from the last post. I will, I promise. In the meantime: the pattern winner from that same post is Pat, she will be receiving a Lemoyne Trails pattern in the mail in the next few days; thanks to all of you for playing along! For the rest of the day I will be finishing laundry and settling back in. Dorothy knew best, even though it's wonderful to travel there really is no place like home

Life is Good! 


Janet O. said...

What fun--I LOVE New England in the Fall. When my daughter moved to far away New Hampshire, you are the one who encouraged me by saying I would now get to visit Keepsake Quilting (and I did--three times). You also introduced me to Quilted Threads in Henniker, which my daughter and I enjoyed visiting as well. Now that she has moved across the country to Oregon, you tell me about more to see in NH. Sounds (and looks) like a fun shop of precuts.
One time in a visit in the fall we had cider doughnuts somewhere in Vermont, along with fresh cider. It was all so yummy!
The ironing board and iron are adorable.
I'm with you on the quilt labeling. Last year I gathered info and photos of all of my Mom's quilts. I made a book of them, which all of my siblings now own. It will give the info they need to put labels on their quilts. (My siblings and I own most of what she made.) I gave everyone a kit with labels ready for them to write on and attach, and instructions for doing so. I had Mom sign mine, and encouraged them to do likewise. Don't know if anyone else has moved on that, but I have gotten started.

cityquilter grace said...

ooh can't wait to hear more about pineapple fabrics and your trip....it is true...new england in fall is perfect!

( Terri ) Ellen Goodding Anderson said...

Oh the smell of leaf mold..fall in New England. Miss it so much.

Tanya said...

How wonderful for you! The store's video makes it look very inviting. I've signed up for their newsletters! Thank you!

Quiltdivajulie said...

At least by sharing your post, the delicious calories from those donuts stayed away from my body. Having grown up in the upper midwest, I do miss the drama of the changing seasons here in the mid-south. So subtle here compared to the vibrancy of Michigan and northern Indiana.