18 October, 2019

Keep It Classy, Please!

I don't often get on my soapbox; particularly here. I'm stepping up for  a moment, allow me to say something that has been bubbling under the surface for a while. You need not agree with me, that's fine; I simply need to speak up on the subject of respect. Respect for self, respect for others, apparently this concept is in short supply these days. What am I referring to? Language-- particularly profanity, I can no longer get through a single day without being bombarded by obscenities. I'm not referring here to an occasional outburst that occurs when one hits one's finger with a hammer, not at all. My observation is that words that used to be strictly forbidden now riddle our society. You cannot escape nasty word-assaults from everyday television shows, song lyrics, the news broadcasts, social media, signage, bumper stickers, gift items, T-shirts, fabric (yes, fabric!), tattoos and each and every surface that can be emblazoned with vulgarity. Of course, we're not exempt at public meetings and social gatherings either. So, I ask: why? Is it for shock value? Does the speaker feel that they're tougher, badder, commanding extra attention by blasting foul expletives? I daresay it may have been, at one time; but now I believe that it's so widespread, across all age groups, that it has lost its shock value today and become commonplace. Profanity-laced speech is now ordinary and mainstream; that's the extremely sad conclusion that I'm reaching here. When I was raised, I was done so to respect myself and, by doing so, was respecting others; it's that simple. No one should have to be made to feel uncomfortable because I don't have enough self-respect to hold my tongue. In a word, I was raised to understand that at the end of the day I have retained dignity through my words and actions and, by doing so, exhibited class. Can we bring class back?  Is what was once a polite, civil society as extinct as the dinosaur? I hope not, I pray it's not too late to make changes. I ran across this article that contains seventeen graceful Bible verses on this very subject.  Read through them, there are words here that comfort and give hope to anyone who feels like me and is ready to stand up against being disrespected by the society in which I live, I am emboldened by duty to this same society in which my grandchildren are being raised. I might be just one person with one, small voice but I plan to call out language, vulgar speech and will boycott marketers who disrespect me through obscenities. I am far from perfect, I know that. I fall short through sin every. single. day. I ask God for forgiveness and promise repentance. I try to do my best, to remain classy and live by His words, for myself and for the world. Is it too much to ask the same in return?

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord;
keep watch over the door of my lips. -Psalm 141:3

Life is Good!



Lilac Joan said...

I totally agree and thank you for this post.

barbara woods said...

with you 100% , hate to hear people cuss

Jeannine said...

I totally agree and thank you for stating it so well.

Ramona said...

Amen and Amen!

julieQ said...

OH certainly...at the hospital you will never believe what we hear from patients and visitors lips! and sometimes senior docs and staff!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

You may THINK that you are only one small voice, but I know for a fact that you are not alone in your opinion. So far Little Man hasn't learned any truly bad words. I know it is only a matter of time before he hears them on the public playgrounds or at (gasp) the Childrens Museum or the zoo. We as a family have already agreed to do our part to teach him that he doesn't need those words to express himself - there are far more quality words that do a much better job.

cityquilter grace said...

well said mrs g....culture is indeed deteriorating...

Panto Pam said...

Amen! I can hear my late very precious mother-in-law saying "Bar of Soap"! I am finding myself saying it also. :)

B. Lee said...

I'm in complete agreement. I tell my kids 10, 7 and 6) all the time that what comes out of your mouth is a clue to others how they can treat you. If you are vulgar, and disrespect yourself, expect others to do the same.

Deborah said...

Well said!

straythreads said...

Agree with you completely well said

Debbie B said...

Very well said! Thank you!

Gloria said...

Well said! I can not believe how much "bad" language we hear all around us. I love the "Bar of Soap" comment. I always think "small vocabulary" when I hear vulgar language.

Janet O. said...

You have said this so well, Mrs. G. Thank you for a strong voice in a darkening world.

Peggy said...

Thank you for stating so clearly what has become so evident in our society and as a Christian so distressing on a daily basis.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I agree ...there has been lessening of niceties generally and an increase of language that is crude and lewd. Baffling to me why people want it this way.

Out My window said...

I so totally agree. It makes me cringe the way people talk. I swear (pun intended) that every move has to have at least one cuss word per line to be deemed worthy. What happened to just decent language?

jude's page said...

Great post, and I agree with you. I also cringe when people use the Lord's name in vain. THanks for wise words.

Tanya said...

As an English teacher in a foreign country, I don’t hear the profanity much but I’ve been shocked just walking down the streets when I’m visiting California. I’m afraid my English students are going to get to America and not be able to comprehend half of what they hear because of the horrendous mangling of the English language.

SandyPA said...

Amen! I had been congratulating myself for avoiding certain particularly vile words, but still let slip the 'not-so-bad' cursing. Why do I deceive myself? Your post was wonderful and resounds in my mind. Yes, let's eliminate crass and bring back class! I read the article you linked. James 1:26 and 3:10 reminds us that all of our speech needs to be purposeful and reflect God's will in our lives. Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com

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