13 November, 2019

Playing Catch-Up

No, I haven't dropped off the planet.  We've been gone though; we traveled to New England to visit family the week before last and it seems as though I have been playing "catch-up" ever since. We happened to be gone during the time of the return to standard time; this was Hannes' reaction, he fell asleep while waiting at his dinner dish, at 3:30 PM! We had a good time being away, although the weather was cold and rainy almost the entire time we visited in New Hampshire. That was okay, though, I helped out with inside chores such as cleaning out, sorting and organizing old photographs for Mom and Dad. We unearthed some treasures.
My paternal grandmother (oldest) and her siblings, circa 1910. 
My paternal great grandmother (far left) holding my baby sister. I am in red, sitting with my Dad, my mother is seated behind him. My paternal grandmother, standing, (same person pictured above, as a child) in the light blue floral dress and my paternal grandfather seated on the chaise lounge with his aunt beside him and uncle standing behind, this was taken at their home in Dorchester, Massachusetts. I absolutely love so many things about this photo. We surmised it must have been Mother's Day, as my great grandmother is wearing a corsage. I love the fact that everyone DRESSED (pearls!) to go visiting; and, the fact that they carried in the porch furniture to accommodate the overflow crowd!
I found this one of yours truly too; it's a gem. Eighth grade science class-- such focus. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰
While in New England we took in another Home Free concert. I believe this is the sixth time that we've heard this A Capella country group live and in person; they never disappoint, it was a great show. 
The one place we didn't go this trip was to Keepsake. I told my Mom and Dad that there wasn't anything I needed right now-- thinking I had all the time in the world to shop there again next time. Little did I know, until the announcement yesterday, that Keepsake Quilting's Center Harbor location is closing its doors for once and for all at the end of February next year. Another bricks and mortar store going away. I am heartbroken over this announcement, this flagship store has always been a treat to visit. Mr. Goodneedle and I may just need to make another trip up north before it closes for one last  goodbye.
Back on the homefront. This is a picture of our brick patio from this past April. We have been waiting on a contractor to cover part of this space with a screened-in porch; at long last we finally learned of a start date in late fall.
In an effort to get ready for construction, Mr. Goodneedle took apart the columns that supported the handrails, brick by brick. This was a dirty and exhausting job but he persevered.
Here's how things stand today. The construction crew's slated to be here at noon today to begin (and it's a balmy 30 degrees!!) Stay tuned for updates, I have lots more to report from my time away too.

Life is Good!

Up next: photos weren't the only things that I carried home from my parents home. 
I also brought a quilt...


cityquilter grace said...

welcome back to blogland! aren't those old photos real treasures?? loved ones long gone preserved...so precious...imagine dorchester was a lot different then for sure...and RIP keepsake...it was a wonderful place and oh those tent sales!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Fun photos you shared - and good for Mr. G. for keeping after that de-construction project. Sorry to hear about the Keepsake flagship store - I wonder what deciding factors prompted their decision? For so many it is online sales vs. brick and mortar day to day expenses.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos, and how strong are the family genes, seeing them in your grandchildrens photos on the side of your blog, great to see all the likenesses to the older generations.
Such a shame that the bricks and mortar quilt shops have to close, it is happening here in Australia too, but so many folk seem to want to just shop รณn line'these days.
So agree with your previous post too, such a shame so many folk need to use profanities and obscenities in their speech. Was taught in my family that 'that is a sign of laziness'so many great descriptive words in the English Language.
Cheers from Western Australia.

Janet O. said...

Oh, I love old photos! Such treasures.
And you look very studious in your science class. :)
I am glad I had a few chances to shop at Keepsake Quilting while DD#1 lived in New Hampshire--and to meet a couple of blog friends there. Sorry our paths never crossed when we each visited family in the area.
I love screened porches--that will be wonderful!

NanaNor's said...

Hello and Happy Thursday. I so understand trying to get caught up with everything. Love your family photos.
What a shame to hear about Keepsake; two years ago when were were in New England we went by so my best friend could see what I've bragged about-unfortunately their days were limited and I was so upset and disappointed. So many stores are closing, such a shame.
Hope you get to go back to see it before it closes.