04 October, 2019


I teased with this picture of stacked stars in a previous post. This quilt is a welcome transition from all those bright fabrics used when making Frank.
This is a long-abandoned project that needed to be brought to the front burner. I am inspired by Country Threads and their "Dirty Dozen" challenge this year. (The premise: identify 12 UFOs and give each a unique number from 1-12. Each month a number is selected and announced on their blog; that is the "assignment" for that month.) With determination and focus, the years' end will bring twelve completed projects! When I began collecting low volume prints I made a series of quilts for family members and cut this one out for myself. It was promptly forgotten. (I still collect low volumes; they're so appealing in their own, quiet, way. Sigh. Some habits are hard to break.) I absolutely LOVE this quilt and it is growing, it easily could become a master class in set-in seams!🙄 I have named it "A Kind of Hush" in honor of a old favorite Herman's Hermits song.
Eventually it will measure 56" X 72" when squared up, a good size; I'm already excited about quilting this one too! With all those set-in seams, though, there are lots of starts and stops. Quiltkeemosabe reminded me that I could make this without the set-ins by dividing the hexagons in half and sewing it in straight rows. yes, I could. But, I already had this all cut and ready. If nothing else, I am tenacious. 😉
Which means, with all those set-ins, that a bonus(!) quilt is growing at the same time; Leader-Ender style. You might remember that I cut oodles of tumblers this summer when cleaning out my charm square bins. I am in no danger of depleting the still-burgeoning tumbler basket! One can only use so many tumbler quilts, this one will be donated to a worthy cause. Waste not, want not. 
Speaking of using up what's on hand: a handful of leftover WOF scraps from the most recent nap blanket workshop (and a free afternoon) yielded enough to make this Streak of Sunshine child's quilt; another donation in the making. Yes, the machines are humming around here. We're finally transitioning, albeit VERY s-l-o-w-l-y, into fall and cooler temperatures here in the south. 
I discovered this friend when transitioning our front porch planters to colorful fall flowers!
Have you said your prayers today?

Life is Good!

Up next: leaving it all on the table. 


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Your low volume quilt is so lovely.

LizA. said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one that collects low volume. I took a great class last spring from Tonya Alexander -- she uses low volume in all of her quilts. I also get a monthly fq pack of low volume fabrics from Lady Belle Fabrics.

Marie said...

I love the Tumbling Blocks, that was one of the first things I did years ago and I think I have a partial one started. All the things you do are beautiful. Hugs, Marie

cityquilter grace said...

fall weather has jump started UFO sewing it seems...looks like you got a good start!

Janet O. said...

Love your choice of name on the pretty low volume quilt--and now I have an ear worm. LOL
I am with Quiltkeemosabe on avoiding the set-in seams. Kudos to you for powering through them.
The Tumbler and Streak of Sunshine are each wonderful uses of scraps and will be great donation quilts.
Been praying all day, actually! :)

Shaun Gilberto said...

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