07 October, 2019

Leaving It All On The Table

I have started out the month by finishing up a couple of table toppers for fall. Both of these were done from charm squares. The first, shown left, is called "Split Square" and came straight from Country Threads' book: "Sew Charming". This was the small quilt that I hurriedly pieced together before the all-important block "trim down" stage. 🙄 As a result, it touched down in the bottom of the trash can for a period of time. A cooler head prevailed; rescued it, took it apart, trimmed it down and finished it. I am SEW happy that I did!
The second table topper to land on the table where we eat our meals and play our daily Cribbage matches is this one, below. Also made from charm squares but this time assembled as nine patches. I used the "Charming Nine Patches" approach to stitching up this one from the Country Threads blog  linked here
 This one has an antique-y feel withe the blocks joined one to another without sashing. The squares in each block finish to 1"; giving it also, a sort of woven appearance. I quilted it with the same pantograph (Paisley Max) and same tawny gold thread color as the Split Square above.
These two have given the kitchen table a bright and welcome face-lift for the new season. Grab yourself some charm squares and see how you might brighten up your space by leaving it all on the table. 
Now-- a PSA: I got my annual screening mammogram done this morning; yes, it just happens to be breast cancer awareness month. I celebrated with a Pink Ribbon bagel from Panera afterwards. These cherry vanilla bagels also just so happen to be my very favorites! Available only in October, I buy them up by the dozen and freeze them for the rest of the year. Our local Panera happens to be observing 100% of Pink Ribbon bagel sales for this week only donated to breast cancer research, check your local store for details (I believe the remainder of the month it's a portion of the sales); either way it's a true win-win!  If you like cherry-vanilla, this treat WON'T be left on the table! I promise. 
Life is Good!


julieQ said...

Very very pretty quilts...I am glad the trash can did not get your quilt top!! What fun to take out a favorite treat from the freezer...yummy!

Quilting Babcia said...

Two gorgeous table toppers, so glad that you rescued that first one from oblivion because it's my favorite. Country charm for fall, just perfect. Those bagels sound wonderful!

KaHolly said...

Your table toppers are so perfect for the season. They look great!

Janet O. said...

I am really taken by your table toppers. So warm and inviting. Nice work!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I try to avoid October for my annual "smash" exam - only because it is so much busier. I understand buying/freezing for limited time items - we do it , too. And cheers to the two new toppers - they look wonderful!

cityquilter grace said...

cute little toppers...so glad cooler head prevailed for the rescue...ooh those bagels look good...cherries verboten for me but must be yummy!