24 November, 2019

Spreadsheet Required

We had the youngest two grandchildren for a few days last week, it was wonderful and BUSY! They're in the third and first grades now and they both have lots of fun activities besides school. Our son had emailed me calendar items to add to my daily schedule as reminders but I find that I need a spreadsheet. It's the way I visualize and plan. It might be antiquated but that works for me, and so, I created one. It worked like a champ! I knew at a glance who needed to be where and when. If it had just been the kiddos and their schedules it would have been one thing; but, during this time, I had a bit of oral surgery and construction began, full bore, on our porch project. Things were hopping at Chez Goodneedle!
The oral surgery was done under sedation, a first for me. I had cracked a molar clear through to the root and a plan was devised, over several steps, to prepare for a dental implant. The tooth was extracted and a bone graft was set in place all while I snoozed. I don't remember a thing about leaving the dentist's office that day or anything (I suppose that's good!) until I woke up sitting in the car in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot (Mr. Goodneedle was bringing lunch home for the work crew that day). I've had a follow-up visit since; all is well. I'll have the remaining stitches removed in a few weeks' time. 
Here's where we stand today with the progress on our porch project, we're roofed in; Mr. Goodneedle is busy with wiring and doing the things that he can do as we move forward. We will, eventually, have ceiling fans and a tongue-and-groove ceiling, (as well as screens) this space will be much loved and well-used come spring and warmer temperatures.  

Our dress-loving six-year-old granddaughter maneuvering around the rink at ice hockey practice!
So, back to the grandchildren-sitting and my spreadsheet: except for Lynnleigh's art lesson the day of my afore-mentioned surgery (there simply wasn't time to squeeze it in!) neither Gregory or Lynnleigh missed a beat: they were at school, their respective music lessons, Daisy and Cub scouts and ice hockey practice. Homework was completed, meals were on the table at the correct hour and baths and bedtimes were accomplished on time and successfully. This New England girl absolutely loved watching them skate! Truth be told: I am a HUGE hockey fan!! Their gear bags are, literally, as big as they are and the only mishap last Sunday afternoon was losing a glove somewhere in the melee associated with leaving the ice at the end of practice and getting all their gear off and in the proper duffle bags while they chased around to find the candy-bearing coach who hands out treats. I'd still consider our time as temporary surrogate parents a huge win! As Mr. Goodneedle stated: "keeping children is a young persons' sport!" Clearly, we're not too old yet! It's been quiet around here since they returned home. And now it's Thanksgiving week-- bring it on, I can't wait to have them back here again!
Life is Good!
Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

Up next: There IS A Simpler Way!


jude's page said...

The building works looks fantastic and will be very user friendly in all weather conditions, and yes, I agree, the spreadsheet is the way to go, gotta see it on paper.

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a post! My implant has been fabulous - sedation is the best. Don’t be in a hurry to move forward. Let things heal solidly before proceeding. And that porch! Grands are the best - spreadsheet or not.

Janet O. said...

Your grandma duty has my head whirling.
I'm glad things went well for you with the oral surgery!
Your screened porch will be wonderful! That is a space I wish we had.
I agree with Mr. Goodneedle. I love having grandchildren here with us, but I can't keep up for extended periods.