27 November, 2019

There's A Simpler Way!

I pieced these blocks eight and a half years ago. I believe the reason that I abandoned the project was because I drafted templates for those setting corners and it wasn't the easiest task to piece these. The results were good, but, apparently, I wearied from the task.
My inspiration for this project came from this antique quilt that I recall seeing at a Guild show and tell; I was smitten. I came home and researched the block name, which I found to be "Texas Tears" and posted about my progress here; I even offered the pattern that I had drafted. I'm unsure at what point I back-burnered these and moved on. Fast forward to today. I was working on this month's block of the month from my LQS, we are using Studio 180's "V-Block" tool now. Something clicked as I prepared the block-- "I wonder", I thought, as I dug for those long-ago shelved blocks.
I stitched up this pair using the tool and rotary cutting-- no templates, no set-in seams.
Here's a side-by-side comparison. Yes, the block on the right has an extra background seam. Will this matter in the whole scheme of things? Not to me! I have only a few blocks shy of enough to make a good-sized quilt. I know how I will piece those remaining blocks too, these's a simpler way! I think I might know where the "tears" in the Texas Tears blocks came from! Stay tuned for more on this project. 
I had a few donation quilts to finish on a deadline last week. Quiltkeemosabe suggested machining the binding, avoiding the time-consuming hand finishing. I'm glad she spoke up-- yep, there IS a simpler (and quicker) way!
Wrapped and ready for donating; and, ahead of schedule! 
Life's short, make it as simple as you can.
Life is Good!

Up next: Happy Thanksgiving!


Quiltdivajulie said...

AMEN! Good for you (I hated giving up hand binding but the arthritis demanded I find a less painful way - no looking back now). Love the way you rolled and tied the donation quilts.

LizA. said...

I remember when you first started these blocks because I loved them too! Now I really will have to try them.

Janet O. said...

So nice when you find a "simple" solution to finishing a project that you had shelved for lack of enthusiasm. I recall when you started these blocks. I don't see any problems with the extra seams. I think your solution is brilliant!
My machine binding never looks that nice. I do it on donation quilts because I know they will see more wear and tear--I need to make more donation quilts so I can get more practice.

cityquilter grace said...

that is the benefit of quilting for a long time...new techniques and tools come along to make tasks easier!