01 January, 2020

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to 2020; I have chosen a guiding word to focus on: VISION. Well, with this new year, what other word could I possibly choose for twenty/twenty than this one? I am borrowing a page from Quiltdivajulie's book today and choosing a guiding word to lead my path through these next twelve months. 
So, in an effort to be guided by the word VISION, I need to look at, and see, what is directly in front of me! The best place to start is with my bins of accumulated scraps; I am blessed, my bins runneth over! I spent some time pressing the first bin and plan to spend the next few days running these through my die cutter and cutting them into usable shapes that will play well together for a multitude of scrap quilts. Santa brought me some more basic die shapes this year and I can now cut 2", 2.5", 3.5", 4.5", 6" and 6.5" squares as well as 2.5" X 4.5" rectangles. It's high time: my work's cut out for me. 😉 I've long been a subscriber to Bonnie's Scrap User's System. I need to see the forest for the tree and remind myself that this isn't a Scrap SAVER'S System! No, clear VISION and determination will pay off with some great rewards. I can already SEE that this is going to be a very productive year!
Happy New Year!
Life is Good!

Up next: Progress


cityquilter grace said...

it is a scrap USER system right? very good word choice...right behind you!

jude's page said...

Love your word for 2020, so very appropriate, look forward to seeing what vision you have for those scraps!