09 January, 2020


I am still operating with my guiding word for the year: "vision"; I have that, but time is FLYING already. It seems like I take one step forward and two back. Sigh. As promised in my last post, I am reporting on my progress. Here are all the scraps from my bin cut precisely and accurately into sizes that will play nicely together. This amount of work took me two days! So, as impressive as that may seem-- look what I found stashed on the bottom shelf of my cutting table:
yes, another bin! This one is pretty much all civil war reproductions and the like. I have set up a nice little cutting station for this purpose.
Normally my die cutter and table reside in the closet but I have moved them out into the studio (and the light of day) so that nothing is hidden and forgotten about. VISION! If I can spend a few hours a day cutting these up I will get to the bottom of this bin before too long also. (See "where the one step forward, two back" is coming from?)
I am celebrating my scraps by ordering this new book. I'm excited; hey-- I'm not buying fabric!
Mr. Goodneedle is making good progress too; our soon-to-be porch has all of the beadboard ceiling in place. Since this photo was taken he has boxed in the two skylights on the right. 
I'll be happy when he's off that scaffolding once and for all. 
Santa brought me a few new pantographs this year, this is one of them, Easy Peasy Baptist Fan. It will be nice to get this quilted and bound. My objective is to have a new "table quilt" for our breakfast table in the kitchen each month of the year. This is the Summer Sampler from Temecula Quilt Co.; a sew-along from 2015, I completed the top in November. More progress!
I got the tree down and ornaments and decorations stowed for another twelve months. Is it just me or does this seem to come around more quickly each year now? It's never as much fun to put away. 
We are enjoying this Amaryllis, watching its progress; albeit S-L-O-W, but progress nonetheless.
One more photo-- just because! Mr. Goodneedle celebrated a birthday at the end of 2019. 
He had some pretty cute help celebrating too!
So, what's your progress so far for 2020? 

Life is Good!
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cityquilter grace said...

exciting photos mrs g....wonderful progress so far...keeping things IN SIGHT is always good as they are always IN MIND....it's why i love my 'studio' in my living room...and, sigh, yes, i miss my tree already even tho i kept it up a week longer this year...doesn't seem right that my old friends and their memories (ornaments) are out of sight so long...

Quilting Babcia said...

You are the second blogger I've read who is doing table quilts for each month. A great idea, I wish I had the room to store that many, not to mention the time to make a dozen. Good luck with this venture and I'll be looking forward to seeing each of them.

quiltmom anna said...

You and Mr. Goodneedle do so many amazing projects- I made bowl cozies as Christmas gifts for family and friends- 33 to be exact - I have a few left out of the stack and most are earmarked for others. I have started a new watercolor course so I have been gathering things for it - everything needs time and organization. I am grateful that I had bought some things a long time ago in anticipation of doing a watercolor course. I am also glad I bought things at an art supply store so the quality of materials was appropriate for the class.. Still have to figure out a word- As for the Christmas things, some of it has been removed - still have to take down the little tree - It won't take long it is a very small tree.. Happy New Year to you and yours. You are making amazing headway with your vision project. Your quilt is lovely that is on your long arm machine. Warmest regards, Anna

Carolyn said...

I am working from my stash also. I have started with the pieces and parts cutting them into useable squares.

Janet O. said...

I am so excited for you about that screened in porch! Wish Mr. G would come build one here next. :) It looks amazing!
I love the Baptist Fan panto.
An elderly neighbor gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas, and it is behind your in growth. I am excited to learn what color it is. She wasn't sure.
Still have my tree and all my decorations up. Christmas went by too quickly and I feel like I didn't get to enjoy them enough.
A belated happy birthday to Mr. G.