19 February, 2020

Progress and Pet Peeves

I've been keeping up with the Temecula Quilt Co.'s  Scavenger Hunt  Sew-along through their blog. So far I've been able to keep up week to week, this week's installment, however, is a bit delayed due to an immense amount of piecing required and the fact that we have two additional people under our roof right now (ages 7 and 9); I have no spare time. But, I'm happy to report that I can easily fall back into a routine established a generation ago of having beds made, rooms tidied, both laundry and dishes done and being dressed and ready for the day-- all before 8:30 AM! But, yes, I tire out quicker than a used to. Mr. Goodneedle says that keeping children is a young person's sport. 😉 Our daughter-in-law is currently experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Holy Land with her parents, the photos that she's shared so far are incredible. So, we have a few extra plates at our table and heads on pillows under our roof at night. It's all good.
And, sew... here's the progress on these log cabin blocks to be added to the above sew-along soon. These will finish to 3.5" I have sixteen done and only need eight more. 
I have managed to squeeze in some time to begin setting some of this Scrappy Sixteen together. I have named this one "Out Of The Box" since there's an illusion of the 16-patches pushing beyond their boundaries as well as the very literal fact that all of these scraps have been rescued from the bin where they've resided for years. They've finally been liberated - out of the box!

Here's more progress-- the current state of affairs with our porch project. Managing to get sub-contractors on the job between rain showers here has been a feat! We've had rain, rain and more rain!
I can't recall ever having daffodils blooming this early before! All these weirdly warm temperatures in the south combining with the afore-mentioned rain has produced blooming way ahead of schedule.
So, Pet Peeves-- as promised. I have a list. You know, those things that can annoy and bug you way too much; yes, I'm guilty of finding annoyances and bothersome occurrences to whine about. #1 The way that tissues are packaged today: I used to be able to go to the store and choose a box of tissues in the box design that I liked, to match the  room where it was being placed. Well, now, it's much more difficult-- they're grouped by fours and bundled with shrink-wrap. The combinations of patterns and colors always includes an outlier that doesn't match anything! 😬 There's no option for single purchase, either. #2.  Using the word "adult" as a verb: "I don't feel like adulting today." To me, this is beyond annoying. I have heard it used but draw the line now that I have seen this phrase emblazoned on T-shirts and bumper stickers. Grow up, people; you are one. #3. Paying for checks to spend my own money. Grrrr. I understand that someone has to pay for them. I write so few checks nowadays that actually having to spend money for 200 checks to be printed seems ridiculous to me. There are no such things as "mini" orders. It looks as though I'll have checks to spare for the rest of my days. I had a fourth, but now I cannot remember, for the life of me, what that was. So, maybe that fourth item on my list was forgetting things! I don't know. Anyway, so here I was with my list of peeves, feeling like I was in charge of owning my own grievances and the sermon on Sunday took my list, chewed it up and spit it out! The sermon text was Matthew 5:21-37, it reads as a guidebook in Jesus' words on how to live. Basically, I decide how to respond to life's annoyances and petty peeves; I can let these little things bother me, weigh me down, rob me of my happiness or, I can take a deep breath, smile at how good I have it, and move on (not sweating the small stuff; and really, truly, it's all small stuff!) to live a life of witness to those around me. Because, when it comes right down to it, we're all human; we have that in common, but we can choose WHO we follow and HOW we follow! Jesus calls us to a new life in God. I was renewed and energized by breathing in and holding on to that simple truth. I've reset my thinker. Can you do that too? Can you toss what's weighing you down and live lighter, happier? It makes a BIG difference; to you and to everyone who's in your life! Give it a try; it's powerful-- and liberating! 
Mr. Goodneedle didn't forget Valentine's Day last Friday. 
See, I do have it good; I know that. 
Life is Good!

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julieQ said...

First of all, I love your quilt along quilt...very pretty!! And your scrappy sings to me LOUDLY! I grinned at your pet peeves, which are similar to mine...we are so blessed, aren't we!!! Hugs!

NanaNor's said...

I admire your diligence in piecing while you have grands under your roof. I also agree with all your peeves.
I can't believe you have daffodils already-we are still having so much snow. Usually our snowiest month is March, but we can't remember in the 12 yrs we've been here such a heavy snow month. Our bulbs won't even come up until May.
I hosted a Valentine's Day lunch for my daughters and granddaughters and hubby bought red roses for each girl and then had a dozen for me. Mine are fading, but they are gorgeous.

Sherrill said...

There IS a solution to one of your peeves..you can order A box of checks online at checks.com and, by doing it that way, you can choose a different design when it's time to order more!! I've purchased from them and been pleased with the service. That porch is going to be stunning.

Janet O. said...

Your Temecula quilt is really looking good! Nice work!
I admire people who cheerfully raise their grandchildren. I would be completely exhausted after a week or two. Your hubby is correct on that point.
Your screened porch project is looking amazing. I would love to do that to part of our deck off the family room, as the nice weather is complicated by the presence of mosquitoes--but it isn't a priority on hubby's list. :(
You are spot on with your counsel to focus our life on following Jesus. Just read an analogy by a mountain biker trying to avoid rocks and ruts in their path, yet always hitting them because that is where they focused. When they focused instead on the path, rather than the obstacles, they had a much smoother journey, even on a treacherous path. So coming to your blog post after reading that one is driving the point home with me! Focusing on the good in our lives, and especially the Good Shepherd, puts things into proper perspective, doesn't it?

Tanya said...

I so love the Scrappy Sixteen! And daffodils already!? I so wish for that season in my part of the world!