18 April, 2020

Hangin' with Harvey

There's a sameness to every day right now. Although I do try to keep to a normal (for me) schedule during these days-on-end of staying at home and quarantining- (getting up at 6, dressing for the day, morning walks, regular mealtimes, cleaning house on Fridays, ironing on Saturday mornings...) I dispensed with decorating the house for Easter this year. I can't remember ever NOT doing that before.  There were, however, a few exceptions... I did get out my bunny and chick salt and pepper shakers and an embroidered rabbit tea towel. 
And, I ordered a table runner pattern for NEXT Easter, it was just too cute to resist. It's from Up A Creek quilting if you're interested in the source. It will be added to my "to do" list for next year. There's great hope in looking forward!
But, for the most part, the sameness of each day- one. after. another. left me uninspired to decorate. But, of course, then there's Harvey! Harvey has been the large-as-life touchstone to this month of April for me. I greet him every morning when I enter the studio and blow him a kiss goodnight when I shut off the lights at day's end. He hangs proudly and faithfully on the door, performing sentry duty.
Harvey is a Country Threads pattern. I made him up a year ago and he went together quickly and easily. If anyone would like this pattern he's still available for $10 and a SASE to: Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave., Garner, IA 50438 (make sure you indicate "Harvey' on your check memo). Harvey and I have been great friends since he came to live here and I'm grateful for his presence on days that seemingly run together right now. He'll be replaced soon by Uncle Sam. Along with my VISION 2020 scrap quilts that I'm cranking out; this will also be the year of American flag quilts for me. I have two more flag patterns calling my name and a big box of curated red, white and blue fabrics set aside expressly for that purpose. 
This shirt has more meaning than ever this year!😉 I've been wearing it a LOT lately. 
You know what they say about how people come to look alike after spending loads of time together?
I suppose there's some truth to that, especially since I've been hangin' all day, every day, with Harvey!

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

uh oh..slippery slope to the hutch i'm afraid...i'm *trying* to keep to some sort of schedule but it is becoming more challenging to do so...so ready for quilt guild meetings again!

straythreads said...

Love that rabbit. I should make and he would be named Jack then a neighbor would see him and want one and then another and they would multiply.our South Dakota state university mascot is the jackrabbit and we love our jacks here. Thanks for the link to the pattern
Your post from yesterday had me in tears and all cleaned up before hubby arrived with carry out....he must have had a long drive