03 April, 2020

Sorting It Out

With nowhere to go, and a stash of fabric and supplies on hand, it's like being on a never-ending retreat; these are the days we quilters have been stockpiling for all those years! But-- I need to slow down and sort this out. I have always been that person who's thinking of the "next quilt" before I finish what I'm working on now. With this current situation, for me, it's worse than ever. I tell myself that I'm keeping my eye on my guiding word for 2020 (VISION); with focus aimed at using up the fabric and precut scraps that I have on hand. But, that doesn't keep me from wandering onto Pinterest and "pinning" scrap quilts galore to my visual bulletin boards. "Oh, I want to try that one, and that one, and that one... " Pin.Pin.Pin. If it stopped there that wouldn't be so bad but I find myself obsessed with pulling out my rectangles to begin a Chinese Coin that I saw pictured and organizing fabrics for a Jack's Chain quilt all in shades of blue that someone made and posted. I need to settle down! I need to sort this out. In all honesty, if this quarantine went on forever and a day I would never got to all of those quilts that I have pinned, let alone those that I've already begun. So, to start; I am not clicking on Pinterest. I am writing daily lists, (I've always been a list-maker and daily planner anyway, this wasn't a stretch) I am putting on blinders to anything else. As a way to feel much more productive and in control I am cleaning out and organizing one thing a day; this can be as simple as a drawer or as labor-intensive as a closet; for me, this helps, it keeps me busy and helps me to stay in check with something to show for my deliberate attention to one thing.

While talking on the phone with my Dad this morning my eyes went to the design wall where my partially done "Which Way Now" is hanging and all of a sudden realized a secondary design element to explore with the HSTs; that's placing focus where it belongs-- on what I am working on; I don't need to be running in seventeen different directions! I'm continuing to sort out what it means for me to have nothing but time on my hands and supplies at the ready, I'm also sticking to a regimen of walking and holding fast to reading hour. These few minor adjustments are keeping me centered and better directed. It's all good!
Adapting in an upside down 🙃world: My well-check up scheduled for next week with my PCP has been reformatted-- to a video visit; okay, that's new! I understand the reason but question the value. I assumed when the office called that they were going to reschedule, not suggest this alternative. But, we're all adjusting; we'll see how it goes. Changes are happening so fast it's hard to keep up.

Update on the standing prayer request: Quiltkeemosabe's husband is continuing to improve following surgery, thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for him, for Quiltkeemosabe and for their family. 
"For nothing will be impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

Life is Good!
Up next: RAK


Quiltdivajulie said...

Younger son, here for the duration, is becoming quite proficient at telemedicine - his weekly therapy sessions are now done using my iPhone via FaceTime (encrypted on both ends so it is secure), one quarterly visit was done using doxy.me (secure video telemed), and his upcoming pulmonology appointment will also be done via Face Time (sans the breathing test). Our PCP is also using voice mail and face time when needed. The resources are still available, only the formatting is different.

I agree with the settling down (and avoiding Pinterest) and focusing on what we already have in the works. Most of us are working to establish a new "normal" and certain key activities do indeed ground us.

AnnieO said...

Focus is hard when you look at Pinterest! I am also trying to work on what I have and savoring the accomplishment of moving quilts forward and out :)

At the medical group I work for, we are doing telemedicine or phone visits for non-respiratory patients, but have a Fever and Cough drive through at one of our offices so people can get testing, and be seen physically if needed. Telemedicine is okay for annual wellness exams, which technically do not include a physical exam. That can be done later if requested.

Janet O. said...

You are doing what makes sense and I applaud you for it. Routine is so good in times of upheaval.
I am interested to see your Which Way Now grow and come together.

Carolyn said...

The first 2 weeks I spent sewing to finish quilt tops. That was my focus. Now I am quilting those tops. I nearly jumped for joy when I opened a drum with my overflow to find 5 bats. I am prepared. Once finished I will bind them. Summer will be here and the outside work will commence. One day at a time. I do miss seeing people and having coffee with a friend.

cityquilter grace said...

i avoid pinterest like the plague....way too tempting...after making a few masks i'll return to my UFOs currently on deck...it's the only way they'll get done, you see...