15 April, 2020

Which Way Now?

Which Way Now? ~ 57" X 57"
Here's my contribution to the growing library of Quarantine Quilts available. "Which Way Now?" grew from my desire to stick to my guiding word for 2020: "Vision" and that is defined, for me, as having the clarity to use up what I have accumulated right here at home. Scraps from leftover projects are in plentiful supply, available resources weren't a problem. The design, born of half-square triangles (HSTs), reflects the changing directions in policy and procedure as the global virus spread and took hold. The resulting pinwheels that occurred represent the wonderful and unexpected benefits that have occurred as the outcome of staying at home: *family (in my case- husband/wife) time, *increased dedication to creative pursuits, *opportunities to read more, *chances to become increasingly self-reliant, *freedom to slow down and enjoy those little things that are all too often overlooked and taken for granted. This quilt top is the happy result of time spent on this idea.
Not one speck of fabric was purchased and a variety of background fabrics were used (and exhausted!) from the stash.
I bought a wool pressing mat a few months ago and used it, a LOT, on this project. It worked to keep every block and section flat and square, I love that aspect of it; however, it did make the sewing space smell like bath time at the sheep farm! I don't know if that scent dissipates over time, with more usage, but I certainly can vouch for the effectiveness of the product as a pressing aid-- I'm a huge steam-freak anyway. Time will tell.  
Here's the 12" block layout if you want to give this one a try. The HSts all finish to 3". There are two 3" background squares in each block too; watch the direction and the layout to get the secondary pinwheels to occur at the block intersections. My quilt has 16 blocks set 4 X 4. I added a 1.5" (finished) inner "stop" border and a 3"(finished) outer border incorporating my leftover HSts. Nothing bought, nothing wasted! Win-win!
Pressed and ready to be added to the "to-be-quilted" queue-- whoever has time to leave home?

Yesterday was my Dad's 92nd birthday. He's doing well, stays as busy as he can in light of the current restrictions. I am blessed to still have both of my parents and miss the fact that I can't currently travel to spend time with them. In this picture I'm guessing he must have been four or five years old, it's a treasure! 💗 My sister said "it's a wonder that he ever sat still that long"- that's certainly the truth!

Adapting to an upside down🙃 world: Easter worship services were available anywhere and everywhere online this year. What a unique experience to have the opportunity to tune in and watch any number of pastors preaching messages of hope and promise! The best message, for me, was one where the pastor equated the empty sanctuary with the empty tomb and reminded us all that the resurrection had already happened, while it was still dark-- Christ is risen, we're all risen! Alleluia!! 

"For in this hope we were saved. 
Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?"  -Romans 8:24

Life is Good!

Up next: YAGOF


cityquilter grace said...

very nice scrappy....that creative response to frugality is beautiful and rewarding!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Good looking leftovers!!! What a fun, happy, cheerful quilt top. I adore that photo of your dad - most definitely a treasure.

jude's page said...

Love your quilt, it looks great, and a bonus to use what you have. Look forward to seeing it quilted!

Ramona said...

This is such a fun design and how wonderful that it's all from scraps and left overs! Great finish.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Such a beautiful quilt - and beautiful thoughts to go with it! I remember when the kids were going in 4 million directions just wishing to have one day at home - so I need to look at it from that direction - its a chance to slow down and enjoy. LOVE the reflection that and Empty Church is like he Empty Tomb. Wow...

Debbie B said...

Love the quilt and that it was all scraps. Very cheery. I also love the pic of your Dad. It's a little worrisome, isn't it? My Dad is 93, turning 94 in October. He lives alone and is doing well, but I still worry. Take care of you and yours.

straythreads said...

Beautiful quilt love the dark pin wheels they give the eye a place to focus and rest. Happy birthday to your dad, my mom would have been 92 last week. Great thoughts on Easter thanks

NanaNor's said...

I always love seeing your latest work; this one is fantastic. I've been emptying my stash too, just not for full quilts-more table runners. I've heard good things about the wool mats, but everyone I know that has one uses a dry iron. I always like a steam pressing, but no it can warp blocks.
Loved your thoughts on Easter.
Stay healthy and grace filled!