01 July, 2020

And Sew It Goes

I've finished the quilting on this little one, "Sister Bear"; I have the binding all ready to apply, and wouldn't you know it, it's a batik and there's enough left over to make more masks! Yay! 
This is the batch from last week, thirteen adult sized and one child's mask; they've already been distributed to their new families and I have nine all ready to go this week! I thought that my batiks were dwindling away.  Nope, think again! One family member that received masks was so kind as to repay me with a generous cut of beautiful blue batik from her own stash! This kindness reminds me of a line from my favorite-of-all-time Christmas movie: "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas". 
There's a scene in the movie when Emmet and his mother, Alice Otter, are rowing on the river and he teases her "you trade socks that you've knitted for pumpkins so that you can bake them into pies which you sell for money to buy more wool to knit more socks..." and so on! Yes, I'm trading masks for fabric to make more masks, and SEW it goes!
In other news, phase three of the dental implant saga happened yesterday with the placement of the abutment. I feel a little like I was kicked in the jaw by a mule today; basically just sore but there's no pain at the site. I'm sure glad to have gotten to this point, and have all the rest behind me. In three weeks the plan is to move ahead with the crown made and that's the final step. It's been a long haul since that blasted tooth cracked down to the root last October. 😬
Today, July 1, is both National Postage Stamp day and National Letter Carrier day. Do you remember this stamp? I sure do, it was one of my favorites. A 13-cent stamp is almost impossible to believe today, but not in 1987. 😉

Hannes and I would like to wish you a happy July and a wonderful summer ahead. This picture is a couple of years old, here he's resting his head on "Red Hot Summer", a Stack and Whack quilt. 

Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I do indeed remember that stamp - I purchased an uncut sheet of them from Wanda when she was cleaning out. Had them framed and they've hung in the studio ever since.

cityquilter grace said...

oh yes i love the stamp basket pattern...i have some cancelled ones someplace around here....very pretty baby quilt!

Needled Mom said...

lol. I chuckled at the gift of additional fabric. I must say that this time has made me appreciative of a good stash!

Those basket stamps are really beautiful. Can you imagine 13 cent stamps? Perhaps we would see more letter writing if we could use those.

Don’t you love the commercials that advertise you can get a full mouth of implants in a day after all the time you have spent in the dental chair? It makes me curious.

Happy July!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh Sister bear is so cute! as is your dog. Hope the healing happens on your tooth!