13 July, 2020

Finding My Way

"Which Way Now?" ~ 57" X 57"
"Which Way Now?" is done; quilted, bound and checked off the list. This one was my quarantine quilt, begun in March and totally from the scrap bins, I arranged the half square triangle squares into Flying Geese units that changed and alternated directions block to block. It was designed to represent the abrupt revisions and adjustments that occurred with policies and protocols as we faced the COVID-19 virus in our day to day lives; one day going one way and another an about-face! The block intersections converge to form an occasional Pinwheel- those are the visual "rests", they're meant to illustrate and exemplify where the forced shut-downs and stay-at-home orders produced an unexpected benefit: more time with family, an occasion to read, a chance to try out a new recipe, to get out and walk, whatever unexpected gift was received and embraced as a bonus that came about from unforeseen circumstance that we've come to know as forced quarantine.
Here's a detail of the quilting: the pantograph is Arrowful by Urban Elementz. It was fun to quilt.
Here's another shot with the binding basted in place and ready for the hand finishing. I used Kim Diehl's "chubby binding" technique on this one. I love the way it finished up and the appearance on the reverse side.
The binding forms a wider "border" almost, on the back; an additional design element, while retaining the traditional quarter-inch appearance on the quilt's front side.  I believe that any of Kim's books have the instructions for her "chubby binding" method. If you've never tried it, you might want to look it up and check it out.

What have you moved to the "done" column lately?
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

pretty quilt and nice quilting pattern....and finished which is always good!

Janet O. said...

I love the representation you have used on this quilt. Can you fit all of that on the label?
I have never looked into Kim's Chubby Binding technique. Is it in her books? I guess I could go look. :)

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I really like your "artist's statement," i.e., explanation of this quilt. I also like the quilt!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Well done - your quilt truly tells the story of these past few months.

Mama Spark said...

love this pattern. So neat!

jude's page said...

What a great finish and I love the story behind the quilt, so fitting to the situation.

Tanya said...

Such a beautiful quilt and it is all the more special because of how you have turned a difficult situation and made it into art. Bravo!