05 September, 2020

Another Week...

Another week, another month; they keep sliding one into the next, seemingly without much change, but time's marching ahead and here we are in September already. We've been dealing with the COVID craziness for six months and I've never moved so many projects onto the done list. If everything cloud has a silver lining, the stack of accumulating quilts around here is proof! I did finish up two customer quilts and a quilt restoration of sorts (dog chewed a hole) for friends this week and managed to get this Tucker University sampler sashed and bordered. I was determined to use up every bit of fabric that I had pulled for this and the size of the sashing/borders was determined by what I had on hand. Believe me, there's a LOT of piecing in that outer cream border. (Hopefully, once it's quilted, all those seams will fade away!)
This was all that I had left from the borders! This measures 66" X 52" and will be a perfect donation quilt for a lap quilt or a child.  If I could find that focus fabric from my LQS (purchased a few years back) I would back this quilt with it; we'll see. At any rate, I'm happy to have this ready for the "to be quilted" queue. From the "go with" leftover pieces I had enough to feed the always hungry scrap basket.
My criteria for basket scraps are those pieces too small to re-shelve but large enough for the die cutter. 
This is a new find for me: Faultless Premium Luxe Finish ironing spray. I just stumbled onto it the other day when I was looking for spray starch at the local big-box discount store and this caught me eye, (I like to use sizing when pressing prewashed fabrics) I thought it might be good for Mr. G's dress and sport shirts if I didn't like it for pressing my fabric pieces. It's a winner! This imparts a really nice, smooth, but not stiff, finish and just the right amount (to suit my purposes) of body. If you're looking for something new in the ironing arena you might also like this, I'm pleased.
"The Quiet Road" has had its piping and binding attached; as well as its hanging sleeve and label. 
Time for handwork.
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

great finish...i agree, 6 mos has flown by with me finishing oodles as well...we'll have a lot to show for crazy 2020!

Kim said...

Everyone, it seems, is getting a lot of 'to do' sewing done in these times. A most wonderful way to spend time in these difficult days....weeks....months. Your Sampler quilt is beautiful and how fabulous is that spray.

Janet O. said...

That is such a happy quilt top--I especially love the fabric that ended up being the sashing.
I really haven't been finishing a bunch of projects. Mostly been making masks. I think I will finish up the masks that are already cut out and then retire from the mask making business and start quilting again! :)

Tanya said...

Both the Quiet Road quilting and the sampler are beautiful examples of your excellence.