14 October, 2021


Inspiration can come from many different sources and directions, we simply need to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to receive. I signed up for yet another Chrismon workshop last month. This one, a three-dimensional angel, can stand alone (literally) or join other figures in a nativity set. This was a much more advanced class than those I'd taken previously but I went for it anyway, thinking "how hard can it be, there's an instructor on site if I get stuck." A friend and I set out on the scheduled day and drove on down the road to Rufty's. There were numerous classes being taught that day, the classes coincided with an ongoing multiple-day Open House event.  As we worked, stories were told around the table and we learned about each other through the common interest: how long we'd been making Chrismons, where we were from, and the like; there were two ladies in our class from out of state, they'd come especially for the Open House festivities. One lady told us that she'd only begun Chrismon making the year before, that she'd already made 150 and that she was self-taught from watching YouTube videos. Well, as if that wasn't inspiring in itself -- she was 91 years old! Yes; let that sink in for a minute! Wow. She traveled from Georgia, with her daughter,  just for the class (she was taking another class the next day too) and staying in a local hotel. She had photographs of the fully adorned Chrismon tree that she'd made for her church and was starting on more for a second tree. 91! Committed to learning a new skill during a pandemic while she was house-bound. Self-taught from YouTube videos. 150 Chrismons in a year.  Yes, I came away inspired and awe-struck at her commitment and determination. As a Chrismon-making newbie I thought that my fourteen were an accomplishment, think again! Thinking gets me in trouble all the time. Remember that earlier thought that I had "how hard can it be?"... well, as I was diligently working, finishing up my beaded angel (above), an over-stressed and weakened wire snapped; her head fell off on my palm, she’d suddenly become decapitated! I was completely distraught (thankfully, being in public prevented a total freak-out moment)! But, our fearless instructor calmly took my piece in hand, reassured me, backed out some of the beads, spliced in a new connecting wire and deftly reconnected her head. My blood pressure s-l-o-w-l-y dropped back to normal. And there it was, even more inspiration, this time in the quiet hope and kind consolation given by a stranger; loving assurance freely given to someone working well above their skill level. Grace. I'll remember this day for a very long time; I have a precious, repaired, angel to remind me of lessons learned way beyond those involving beads and wire. Praise God!
 What's inspired you lately? 
Life is Good!


Ramona said...

She's beautiful. And how wonderful to have met and crafted with a 91 year old woman. We do need those inspiring times, for sure!

straythreads said...

Beautiful those 90 + years olds are an inspiration there are several in my church and peo chapter

cityquilter grace said...

Grace...that's my name....difficult to live up to for sure...beautiful angel!