05 January, 2022

Twelve Days

As we close out those twelve days of Christmas it's a good time to reflect on the holidays and get back to that guiding word and how I plan to respect it in 2022. I did receive two Christmas gifts for use in the sewing room that I had asked for from Mr. Goodneedle, I'm eager to try them out and will report on them after the next few days; those will be spent taking Christmas down and packing it away until next December. After a very warm weekend (New Year's Day saw the outside temperature rise to 75 degrees!) we were slammed back into reality on Monday with a storm front, the return of seasonal weather and... SNOW! The photo below was taken right outside the sewing room door just after the heavy snow started to fall. This beauty came at a price, however; total loss of power. 
Last week my husband took our generator apart; the starter button hadn't worked properly the last time we needed it and he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to troubleshoot the problem. He ended up talking to customer support and they agreed to replace the part. His plan was to finish the repair on Sunday afternoon after church, that's when the needed part was scheduled to arrive. Naturally, the part didn't show up that day as promised. Because timing is everything... Mr. G had to make temporary repairs to our generator (which he happened to have disassembled at the time) so that we could get it running and at least turn on the water and flush the commodes; ah, the joys of country living on a well!
He got the generator back together and, before long, the power was restored. Hallelujah! 
That needed part? It arrived later on Monday afternoon, after we needed it. 😉
My sister sent me an antique sewing basket for Christmas this year. This one is in beautiful shape, it's a "Princess" sewing basket manufactured in Algonquin, IL in the 1940's. All the spool pins are intact.
The tomato pincushion motif is echoed in the bottom of the basket. I'm going to use it for magazines.
It sits on the floor in the sewing room right beside my handwork and reading seat. I love it. 
Yesterday Mr. G and I celebrated his birthday with dinner and a movie. It had been a VERY  l-o-n-g time since we'd actually been to a movie theater; we had a wonderful time and this movie didn't disappoint. When we arrived to purchase the tickets we were able to choose our seats before we entered, they do a very good job of keeping distance between the seats and rows as a safety precaution; that was new, the other surprise since the last time we'd visited a theater was the price of popcorn: $24.99 for a large bag! Mr. G pointed out to my astonished face that the price did include two drinks. Oh. Thanks anyway.
Speaking of popcorn: our two oldest grandchildren gave us this microwave popper for Christmas. It is the cutest little thing, the lid is also the measure for the corn, it's just the perfect size for the two of us. I have a new-found respect today for not taking things for granted: namely electricity and  weather. As of this morning, all the remaining snow has disappeared.

Stay tuned for my upcoming report on those new tools in my sewing room; 
after I get the Christmas trees and decorations put away!  
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

oh yeah sticker shock on movie treats for sure....if i had a microwave i'd have one of those cuties...it got cold here as well but NOT ONE FLAKE...LOL! and we are not that far northeast of DC either...adorable vintage basket...

Janet O. said...

How wonderful that Mr. G could get the generator going so you had power again!
The sewing basket is so cute, and appears to be perfect for magazines.
I hadn't heard of that movie. I'll have to see if it is around here. I don't love movie theater seats, so we don't go often. But hubby enjoys it, so I like to find movies I will enjoy before suffering through the uncomfortable seats. :)
Wow--I haven't bought theater popcorn in more than a decade. I had NO clue it was so pricey!
Looking forward to your report on your new quilting tools!
I like to leave my tree up until Epiphany, but won't have a chance to get it down until next week. Oh, well, I guess I will just have to enjoy the glow for another few days. ;)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Having electricity is something so taken for granted and so annoying when it's not there. How great you got out to a theater...there is something special about seeing movies on the big screen still. I've read they make their money off the concession food not the movies.
Anyway, respect used to be a given but it sadly isn't anymore. I have a feeling you already embrace it very much. Happy Stitching from Me!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Light snow and sleet here today - maybe it will accumulate enough to look pretty like yours. (schools all closed last night in preparation). Respect is such a fabulous word - applicable in SO many ways. We used to leave our trees up into January but the last two years we've had them down before December ends (mostly because I started adding "decorations" for January to offset "khaki season" blahs). The one 7.5' tree in the foyer (the only non-table top tree) remains in place with its white lights (no ornaments) until late January (to offset the longer winter evenings). I call it my "winter" tree. (what a thoughtful gift that vintage sewing basket is)

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Wow that was an abrupt change of weather. We have snow today that we weren't expecting but it is a small layer. I am glad you got your electricity back. That would be awful when the weather is so cold. I have been seeing that popcorn maker and it looks quite interesting, since I like popcorn and make it in paper bags. Maybe I will buy one of those.