21 June, 2022

This, That and a Few Sleeping Over...

We had a busy end to last week with a few guests in the house to liven up our otherwise boring routine day-to-day schedule. An after-dinner concert is certainly out of the ordinary around here, but it really classes up the place!
We had dinner one night at Cracker Barrel, these two love, love, love some Chicken and Dumplings!
Also spending some time with us right now is a our grand-dog, Buddy. Lynnleigh and Gregory enjoyed spending time and playing with him, too. The youngest grandchildren have returned back home but Buddy remains here for a few more days; as you can see, he's made himself right at home. 
A friend and I were able to squeeze in another Chrismon class at Rufty's on Saturday. Only one more month remaining of classes there before they close their bricks and mortar store. This is the Kingdom Ball. It's a hard one to photograph because of its 3-D nature, it will be beautiful on the tree. We've already registered for the final classes that are being held next month at the store, we're trying to learn all that we can while there are still classes with teachers!
These are the Chrismons that we've made this year, so far; clockwise from left: The Crown of the Apostles, The Kingdom Ball, The Cup of Salvation, Christ in the Manger and a 3-D Cross. After the physical shop closes there will still be kits and materials available but it will be online. 
This is one of my oldest UFOs. I discovered it in my recent closet reorganization! I know that I finished the teeny primitive embroideries (I can't remember the pattern names or designer but I do recall that these were a set of long "cards" that I purchased at a quilt shop in New England, the shop also specialized in wool applique and embroidery primitives) in the late 1990’s. It was a great shop but, sadly, closed a long time ago.  I remember that I set this one together in 1999. It's time to get it quilted! (You notice that I didn't say that this is my oldest UFO; no, it's only one of my oldest! Sigh.)
This itty-bitty calendar style table topper, or wall quilt, measures 23" X 27". 
And, in the meantime, the laundry room tear-down, and re-do, continues. Did I open this post by saying that things around here are boring and/or routine? Nah, there's nothing farther from the truth. There's always something... and it's all good. 
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

your Chrismons are sooo delicate and beautiful..and those grands are growing like weeds! a gold star for another old UFO finish...

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your grands are getting so grown up . . . and the interesting things you can do just keep increasing! Glad the laundry room project is moving forward and hooray for finishing an elderly UFO.

Ramona said...

My church is "redoing" our Chrismon tree this year, but our ornaments aren't nearly as beautiful as the ornaments you are making. Please post a photo of the tree when they are all placed on it this year. Your embroidered squares in your latest quilt are so cute! How fun to unearth a hidden treasure and then finish it.

Janet O. said...

Looks like the grandkids really liven up the place.
Buddy looks so regal there--surveying his kingdom.
Your Chrismons are really beautiful.
Doesn't it feel so good to finish off one of the oldest UFOs?
Loving those light, new laundry room cabinets!