05 July, 2022

Happy July!

I missed wishing you all a Happy 4th of July, but, today, I'll wish you a happy July instead! Our flag was flying proudly yesterday, as always, and we're keeping busy as these days grow increasingly warmer. The potted flowers in front have never been prettier than this year, I can't take any credit, all I did was set them into the pots. Recently, we've had additional heartbreak where our nesting bluebirds are concerned. For the second time this year we've lost two families of fledglings to black snakes! Both times the reptile attackers have been removed, permanently. I am at the point where I want to simply take the nesting box down, as I feel responsible for them even coming here and setting up housekeeping at all. Mr. Goodneedle wants to persevere and has been doing research on new pole baffles and more effective deterrents than those we've been employing. We've learned that snakes are one of the most common predators; this is all new to us after twenty years of blissfully watching our bluebird friends arrive, raise their families and launch those scruffy little bluebird babies out on their own without so much as a care in the world. If any of you have any sure-fire solutions to this situation please let us know! Nature, for all its beauty and wonder, can also be so cruel.
The new laundry space is ready, at long last, for countertops! The folks from the stone place are coming out this afternoon to measure and "template" the top for the quartzite that we've selected. The room should be completed in two weeks. We've installed the new washer and dryer; there's so much more technology than I've been accustomed to from a major appliance! They're bluetooth compatible (I get a message on my phone when the clothes are dry!) and have many other handy features, ones that I never even would have thought of! The washing machine has a reservoir for the detergent that is filled for 40+ loads. The soap is dispensed based on the weight of the load. There's been a LOT to learn, it's all good.
I've begun quilting on "The Workout" quilt (pattern from Wonderful Curves Sampler Quilt Block Book). It's been a long time since I've feathered a wreath. 
This arrived in the mail last week! I had pre-ordered a copy back in January and almost forgotten about it until the amount hit my credit card. Oh, yeah. 😉 It's everything that I hoped it would be, and more! The premise of the book is to use up the scraps that you have on hand and includes a system for organizing those leftovers from other quilts so that they're ready for any of the patterns published here. 
From the last fat quarter bundle that I purchased I had little to no leftovers whatsoever! Believe it or not, I pieced quilt #1, quilt #2, bound those block boards (#3) and pieced these minis for doll quilts (#4) all from one bundle (plus the background) of fat quarters. Now I can start all over again, creating new  quilts and more scraps! Just like the title of the book above: Scrapiness Is Happiness; it really, truly is! 
This is proof that the above was a really, really good fat quarter bundle- 
good clear down to those last too-small-to-use strings and threads!

Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

High tech laundry - wow. I just KNOW you are going to be so happy with your renovated (and upgraded) laundry room! (my copy of the new book is due towards the end of the month - happy to read your glowing thoughts on it)

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I'm not convinced I want more appliances that are smarter than I am! And, you bad influence you, I've reserved the book.

Janet O. said...

Our nesting bird's predators are just other birds, so I have no advice about snakes.
Beautiful feathered wreath. I'd never know your were rusty.
Beautiful laundry room--I hope you'll show us when the counters are in. We got a new laundry pair earlier this year and I still haven't figured out all of the bells and whistles.
Looks like a good, useful book, and you are making very good use of it!

Sherrill said...

My niece got a shipment of baby quail a few weeks ago (they ship the poor little things when they're only a day old!!) and 2 died the first day. Good grief!! But I think it was the end of the first week, a rat snake got into their pen and swallowed 9 of them!! Even though rat snakes are usually good to have around, she shot that one! Poor babies...

Leta said...

Hi, I have had 3 nestings of bluebirds in my house this year. Total of 15 birds. They come back to my house every year. Last year I had a squirrel baffle on my pole. On the 2nd group Why I went to look in my house I do not know. There was a black snake inside and it had eaten 2 birds. I took my grab pole used for trash pick up and pulled it out and had my husband kill it. 3 birds survived. The female and male bird were going crazy trying to help them. I think there was a bush to close to the house. Cleared around the house and my husband made raccoon baffle out of a 6 inch pvc sewer pipe with a pvc cap on one end. A hole drilled in center to accommodate the pole. Painted it black with primer in the paint. We have really good luck with this. Not sure how to send you a picture attachment. Hope this helps. Leta

cityquilter grace said...

had to laugh about washing machine...long long way from washboard in the creek for sure! jane jetson now lives in VA! beautiful quilted wreath...and thanks for book recommendation...sending along to the local library so i don't have to make room for it...LoL!

Buffy said...

I love your new quilt! Your beautiful work inspires me to try that ruler and pattern. Please post a picture of the full quilt when it is completed. And I hope you are successful in your efforts to protect the bluebirds. Buffy

Shasta Matova said...

Happy July! It does look like a really good book. Did I read that right, that you got the book last week and you've already pieced four quilts from it? Wow.