03 December, 2022

Sitting Pretty

It's that time of year again; if you're like me you're deep into drafting up a list of  perfect gifts for family and friends. Well, if you need any suggestions I have one, it's just right for anyone who sits down! I posted about this a few years ago here, you can click on the hyperlink to read my testimonial. Not one word has changed in the almost three years since I composed that entry. If it's possible, I'm even more committed to the product now than I was then! What was SewPad is now Sit-Mate, it's the exact same product, just branded under a different name now to appeal to a larger audience. I move mine from place to place all the time! About a year ago I started to have some sciatic pain on the left side, if I've been sitting in the car too long (and we take long road trips!) my left leg will not only begin to ache but grow numb. We need to stop so that I can get out and walk, bringing the feeling back. On our last trip north Mr. G heard me ask, over and over, "why, oh, why did I leave my SewPad in the sewing room?" Believe me, I won't make that mistake again! Seriously, given a choice, I'd rather stand to do an otherwise "sit-down" task than sit anywhere without it! If you have someone who's hard to buy for, someone who spends any amount of time seated, consider this option: for bleacher sitting, driving, desk work, at church, watching TV; it's for so much more than sitting and sewing (the obvious choice here!), the comfort level is simply unparalleled. 
Someone asked me if I received compensation for these testimonials. The answer is "no"; when a product is this good, and I can truly vouch for its effectiveness, I feel compelled to do what I can share the information here. 
  Yep, SewPad is now Sit-Mate  👈*click*,
I can't recommend any one product more highly. 
Now you can cross one more thing off  your list!
You're welcome!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Wow, I'd say you are a great spokesperson for this product. If I didn't already have the "Purple" brand chair pad that I love (it moves about the house with me for various tasks), I would certainly be looking into this one.

Little Penpen said...

Maybe the company will send you a new one just for the car! ha! I'm going to check it out, as chairs and sitting are becoming more and more painful these days!