21 April, 2023

Got Your Back?

Last month I went on a fabric hunt. I armed myself with a pictorial shopping list. Pineapple Fabric had a warehouse sale complete with long tables as far as the eye could see, loaded high with fabric cuts being sold by the pound! This is always a great deal, but when it comes to looking for backs for existing quilt tops it's just the ticket. This was my shopping list: color photos and sizes of the quilt tops hanging in the "to be quilted" queue. 
It took some time searching through the stacks and plenty of "tip-of-my-finger-on-an-extended-arm-to-my-nose" measuring (which, for me, happens to be 33.5") but I was able to find some great pieces to use as backs, for the six quilt tops pictured, plus two more, at a  fantastic price! When I returned back home, since not all pieces were single cuts, I chopped apart my visual aid, wrote up a piecing plan for each backing piece, and pinned it to the chosen fabric, like this:
now, when I'm ready, I can grab the quilt top and its assigned back and get it done! Along with those backs I also picked up a couple of pieces for the ongoing Cream and Sugar BOM. All in all, it was a successful hunt! Although I miss the flagship Keepsake Quilting store in Meredith, NH when I'm up north visiting family, I certainly do enjoy the physical proximity of Pineapple and the ability to still pick up all my favorite Keepsake treasures here now. Pineapple has been closed since early this year as they clear the decks and prepare for their grand RE-opening in mid-September. In preparation for that they've just announced another warehouse sale for the last full weekend in June. I feel compelled to attend; after all, they've always got my back! Who's got yours?
 Life is Good!


quilltnurs said...

M and L Fabrics in Anaheim, CA. A former grocery store just loaded with fabrics! The farther back in the store you go, the less expensive the fabrics. Good thing I don't live nearby!
I enjoy your blog!

LizA. said...

I admire your organizational skills. I admit, I’m rather haphazard about planning out things, sigh. I should take some lessons from you….

Quiltdivajulie said...

Planning ahead makes life so much easier! I learned to use photos on my phone for reference when fabric shopping a few years back and doing that has saved me several "wrong" purchases!

cityquilter grace said...

Savvy shopping and excellent haul!

Janet O. said...

Brilliant organizing, Mrs. G.! I am very impressed.
I just returned from the little quilt shop over the mountain where they always have 30% off bins, and if you finish the bolt you get 40% off. Today I picked up several yards of one fabric that would make a good backing for any number of CW era quilts. That is often where I pick up my backings.
I will never forget that when my oldest daughter was moving so far away to New Hampshire, you were the one who encouraged me to look at the bright side--that she would be 10 minutes from Keepsake Quilting. Every time we visited her, she and I made a trip to Keepsake--one time meeting up with Grace and Vic, and another time we were just in time for the warehouse sale. What an experience! My daughter's move to the west coast coincided quite closely with the closure of the Keepsake store. Glad I had the experience while I could.
I am not familiar with Pineapple. Is it another large fabric or craft store?

Connie said...

Hello Mrs. G :)
You may remember me from former blogging but I've only recently returned to hopefully continue for a while. Had too many bumps in the road previously.
I see you are still making gorgeous quilts! Your grandchildren are so wonderful and are growing up, as are mine. Time seems to pass so very quickly and getting faster as I age. So anyway, just popping in to say hello. In friendship, Connie.