11 April, 2023

He Is Risen!

After keeping the word buried for forty days it returned with joyful praise on Easter morning; we proclaimed it, we sang it and we sang it some more: Alleluia! He is Risen! I hope that you all are having a blessed Easter. I had the privilege to help create the paraments for the Sundays of Easter at our church this year. I didn't have a lot to go by, there really aren't any patterns for this, but there are general guidelines to which I was able to adhere, that was helpful along the way. I learned a LOT.
Once created, I was eager to get them moved to church for the big reveal (precise, careful timing ensued to avoid the constant rain showers that fell last week!)
"Happy Resurrection Day" as our long-ago, beloved, Sunday School teacher always said. 
Our daughter and family traveled to New England last week, 
this photo of Mason and Lucy Ann with my Mom and Dad
 depicts a true, heart-warming moment to treasure forever. 
I was late getting my wintered-over geraniums out of the boxes and planted up in their pots this year. It was one of those things that I kept putting off, you know how that goes: "I'll get to it", when all of a sudden you have that certain realization that it's now or never! Last week I mixed up some potting soil  and got to it. Fingers crossed that they'll rebound once again. There's plenty of green in the stems, I think everything will be okay. Time will tell. 
Augie is now six months old...
...and look where I found him yesterday! He can now jump up by himself onto the couch here in the studio. Don't you just know that feels like a big boy! He's looking at me as if to say "what, it's no big deal and just in case you're thinking about moving me... I'm NOT getting down!" Ha! I really don't want him jumping (up or down) onto the furniture; not because I don't want him there but more so because I don't want to risk any possible injury to his spine. I'll look this week for a dog ramp or a set of steps. Beginner 1 Obedience classes are going well, he's the star student!
These Iris are showing off this week; transplanted from my childhood home. 
Happy Easter!
He is risen, He is risen indeed! 

 Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Your parakeets are beautiful and your grandchildren even more so. xx

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

PARAMENTS!!!!!! Dratted auto-correct!

Buffy said...

The Paraments are stunning! And what a treasure that your daughter's family spent Easter with your parents and took this lovely picture! Happy Easter!

Unknown said...


straythreads said...

Beautiful paraments. Your grands are so grown up!

Janet O. said...

I laughed at Nancy's auto-correct issue. When the word Parakeets caught my eye, I had to scroll back and see if I missed something. Then I came back to the comments and saw Nancy's second comment. We've all had those auto-correct experiences, haven't we?
You did beautiful work for the church, Mrs. G.
This was a lovely Easter post!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Such a wonderful post - from every angle (I laughed so much at the "parakeets" auto-correct). And Augie is SIX MONTHS OLD? No way has that much time flown by!