06 December, 2023

What a Difference...

...a year makes! Our little Augie is all grown up! It hardly seems possible that he's been with us a year now. It sure didn't take him that long, though, to train us. 
The best seat in the house isn't a seat at all; he's the resident "hearth hound"!
He's filled our hearts and home with pure, unconditional love over the past twelve months.

And in other news around the house, (I'm trying to catch up!) the Christmas Cacti decided to put on their show a month early, I suppose they're Thanksgiving Cacti instead.
My parents sent this, a Swiss Cheese plant, when I broke my wrist at the end of August; it's already doubled in size! Have you ever seen one of these before? It was new to me.
These treasures were gifts from my mother, they belonged to her mother and are at least 100 years old. The smaller, clear glass cake plate is also a pedestal style, I tipped it up to show the detail. I'm so grateful for these and can't wait to use them for Christmas entertaining. 
I was privileged to be asked to create paraments for Advent for our sanctuary at church.
They were dedicated and placed into service this past Sunday. 
We watched this movie recently, if you like happy endings like I do, you'll love it! ⭐⭐⭐
I've got this pretty piece under the needle currently; this top is one of MANY (in the 100's!) left behind by a lifelong quilter who passed away last year. Her daughter is donating them to charitable causes, I'm honored to help her bring them to completion as blessings to others. 
So, back to "what a difference"... how about twelve years? Augie's not the only one growing up at the speed of light. Mason is driving now, he's not four anymore; and I tried SO hard not to blink. Sigh. 
Life is Good!


Susan Torrens said...

I recently read an article about Christmas cactus plants. It showed 3 slightly different shaped leaves, and said that the early one is really a Thanksgiving cactus (mine was in full bloom when I returned from a trip), then I also have a Christmas cactus that is beginning to bloom, and the third slightly different shaped leaves, is an Easter cactus!
I just enjoy the blooms that brighten my home at this time of year! I live in Ontario, Canada, and we've been having lots of grey days, and finally got a dusting of snow overnight!

cityquilter grace said...

Omigosh...time does not fly it zings at warp speed!...

julieQ said...

Wow!! You have been so busy helping others...how fun! Creating such pretty things! Both babies and dog grow so fast, don't they? Hope you are doing terrific after your fracture!

Janet O. said...

Hard to believe how pup and boy have grown!
I have a few of the cacti plants that seem to bloom when they are in the mood, regardless of what they are "supposed" to do. A white one just started blooming this week. I have never heard of a Swiss cheese plant. Intriguing.
I received a few decorative glass pie plates from my Mother before her passing. I never even knew she'd had them. They are precious to me now. I can imagine how you feel about the platters and pedestal cake plates.
Excellent job on the paraments. They look beautiful!
Hundreds of tops?!? Wow--I will definitely not be leaving anything like that behind. How wonderful that her daughter is donating them, and so good of you and others to help her complete them.