28 February, 2024

February~ Come and Gone!!

Out with the snowmen, it's February; love and hearts have replaced them on the tabletops and kitchen windowsill! 
And yet, while all of that is true, here is the greater question:
Thank you so much, blogger friends and those in real life who've reached out to inquire about my whereabouts and well-being. I'm fine, just as busy as I've ever been. I had taken on quite a few outside longarm commitments over the past few weeks; those, along with regular day-to-day activities have pretty much taken every free minute and run out the clock on February. Whew! Of course, that didn't stop me from starting a few projects of my own...

... as well as a new set of Lenten paraments for church. If anyone reading this has experience with sewing paraments or vestments let me know. I have questions for you!
I got a this bitty cross stitch piece bordered with all the best intentions to make a seasonal pillow but the backing/stuffing part still hasn't happened and this cutie remains one dimensional, I need to finish it for next year now. 
This little hanging is now 25 years old; made by a dear friend who's since passed away. She made one of these for every month of the year, they hang in the kitchen window as a reminder of our friendship over all these many the years. 💗
And just like that this month has all but passed and spring is knocking LOUDLY at the door! Augie is now sixteen months old and the absolute perfect companion. I'm going to TRY to be better about posting here, I seem to have gotten out of the habit, time to get back in the swing of things!
SEW, what's new with you?
Life is Good!


Dotti in CT said...

Wait! February has another day for you. It’s Leap Year. There is still time to finish a project. You are so brave to tackle the paramete. Dotti in CT

Janet O. said...

I never managed to get out the Valentine decor this year. Your display of hearts and flowers is lovely.
I really like the red and white blocks on the wall. And I am curious about the destination for the red/ white HSTs.
Augie looks like good companion material. :)

cityquilter grace said...

glad to know all is well...i made that little cross stitch piece myself and it hangs in my mom's livingroom...i can see why blogging took a way back seat!