24 May, 2024

Solving A Mystery

Do you like mysteries as much as I do? Here's one that I haven't been able to solve... yet. When we returned home from our road trip last week this T-shirt was in a fat envelope along with the accumulated mail. No card, no return address. Someone sent it to me and I have no idea where to send the thank you note! I love it, have already worn it several times, and am actually wearing it right now as I type. Certainly I'm in total agreement with the sentiment emblazoned across the front and am extremely grateful to the anonymous gift giver. I've asked all the normal suspects and everyone says "no, not me"; okay, I'm still on the trail. Suffice it to say that I am loving this new shirt. 
Do you know what you were doing 49 years ago today? I do! 
Look at this, we were just babies ourselves!
No mystery here as to the longevity of our marriage: 
mutual respect, love and commitment, and yes, gratitude~
to a loving and faithful God who has blessed us each and every day since. 

Life is Good!   


Lindah said...

Congratulations! It gives me such a happy feeling to send these sentiments your way.

cityquilter grace said...

ooh wonderful anniversary...God centered life that has sustained you through good times and bad...you are blessed my dear friend...and t-shirt? not me...

straythreads said...

Congratulations you do look like a couple of teenagers

dq said...

Just look at you two! That is a great, long marriage. We are not that far yet, but working our way to it.