29 May, 2024

Summer Kick-Off

Well, now that Memorial Day has officially been observed; it's full speed ahead into summer. I'm ready! Having successfully navigated twice-a-week, post fracture, out patient physical therapy sessions I feel ready to tackle the world again! The therapist that I was assigned has been fabulous, he's young, motivated and extremely supportive of my desire to be fully healed, flexible and strong. He pushes me, and that's good. I have three levels of therapy bands attached to my longarm frame for mid-day strength training at home. This sign greeted me the other day when I checked in at the PT facility: 
              "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever". 
I placed flags in the pots outside our home this weekend, take a look at the bare-root, wintered-over geraniums on the steps. They've absolutely rebounded to full strength. Think of me as a geranium... bouncing back for all that I'm worth.
I'm slowly catching up on the blocks for Shelly Cavanna's Barn Star Sampler that's being taught, block-of-the-month style, at my LQS. This one, above, is the Carpenter Star.

And, the Tulip Star. These are BIG blocks. I'm using my own color choices and Wilmington Essentials "dry brush" line of fabrics to give mine an authentic "weathered" barn star appearance. The colors, too, put me in a happy, summertime state of mind.
Augie has a friend spending time with us this week. These two are so cute together, they play, chase, and wrestle with each other all day long; until they literally crash, in their respective beds. After napping, as soon as one raises a head, it's on... all over again!
Because summertime means vacation time, when better to quilt up this National Parks (one of my favorite vacation destinations) panel that's been hanging out in my stash closet for a few years? I already had the backing on the shelf, a super-soft, chocolate brown flannel for a cozy snuggle quilt. This pantograph is Classic Weave by Kathie James for Urban Elementz. 
Uncle Sam is once again serving as the summertime sentry to the studio. 

I'll conclude this kick-off to summer post with a laugh, who doesn't love a good flow chart?
Are you guilty? 
Life is Good!


straythreads said...

Congrats on your recovery the colors for the blocks are beautiful

cityquilter grace said...

too funny mrs g. i love the uncle sam! angie and play date? must be fun...ah i have those PT bands as well, one in every color...lol...but they are great! PT is wonderful in my book, yours too no doubt.

Janet O. said...

Love the saying at your PT facility--so true!
Your geraniums are beautiful.
Love the barn star blocks. The fabrics really caught my eye. Very nice choice!
On my design wall I have several pieces of the fabrics from that National Parks collection, trying to come up with a quilt for my youngest son who spends lots of time visiting the parks (as we did when our family was growing. I always said we were a "National Park Family" not a "Theme Park Family".) For several years now he has asked for an annual National Parks pass for Christmas.
LOVE the flow chart! LOL

dq said...

P.S. Your points look perfect on that star.