14 May, 2024

Tools of the Trade

I mentioned in the previous post about getting quilt tops bound and ready for finishing in front of the TV in the evenings. I thought I'd give you a little background on how I prep for that to make the task as easy as possible. First off, after attaching the binding by machine I roll the folded edge to the backside and hand baste(!) the binding into position (with a thread color that DOESN'T match for easier removal later). I know, you're rolling your eyes at the thought of hand basting. I did at first, too; when Quiltkeemosabe told me that was what she did. I've been doing it ever since, though; the benefit is no pins and it's perfectly portable and ready to go! The few extra minutes that this takes is worth it in the long run, believe me! I have a small box, shown here, with all the necessary items contained to sit down and stitch for hours. Sew, you ask, what's in the box? 
Everything that you need: first and foremost: #1- the Domed Threaded Needle Case. If you look closely you can see that it contains five pre-threaded needles. I do that in the bright light of the daytime, place them in the case, dial them into their own individual slot and twist the locking lid on top to wait until they’re needed. This is a brilliant tool! #2- the Quilting Needle Threader. I assure you that I don't work for Clover Needlecraft nor do I receive compensation for recommending their products, they just put out really great tools! This needle threader is weighty, feels good in your hand, is sturdy (I've had mine for years) and has a dark piece behind the wire threader loop to help make the needle eye visible. It will aid in threading even the tiniest of needles with no problem. I wouldn't sit down and sew without either of these items! #3- I use a Wonder Clip to mark my stopping place on the binding when I'm done for the evening. #4 is a small, flat rubber needle "puller", just in case the needle gets bogged down. Rounding out the contents are matching thread, extra needles, sharp, thread scissors, a tailor's thimble and a seam ripper~ just in case.
That's it!
What’s in your tool box? 
Life is Good!


jean said...

Pretty terrific ideas. Plan to implement some myself. I like being efficient and organized when I work, and love your setup.

mayme said...

I have what I call my binding box. All necessary supplies in one place.

Elle said...

I have a little Lancome freebie pouch that is my hand stitching kit. Needles, small scissor, sewing "tweezer" and a surgical needleholder. (Yes, I am an OR RN). I do surgical knots for new threads. I mean, if it holds the human body together......right? ;-) I don't pin or clip. I've found it unnecessary. I do press out my binding after machining it on and it's easy to flip/hold with my finger while hand stitching.

cityquilter grace said...

i have a king charles shortbread tin...needles, scissors, marking pencils, thread, thimbles, pins, beeswax, surgical paper tape...yep everything i need! always have to be ready to sew!