22 June, 2024

Here to There and Back Again

We've been on a road trip to the Lakes Region of NH. Spent time with Mom and Dad for both Father's Day and my mother's birthday this past Tuesday. This photo is from five years ago. There have been a lot of changes since 2019. Mom can't physically navigate much anymore, she's a good deal weaker than I've ever seen; it's so hard to watch this happen. But, on the bright side, at 91 and 96 they're doing quite well, all things considered. Just two months ago when she was hospitalized, Mom's doctor never expected for her to be at home again. We're rejoicing in the fact that today she is, sleeping in her own bed and spending her days in her favorite recliner alongside Dad; there's much to be thankful for. 
We took Mom out to an ice cream stand for a cone on her birthday, take a look at the cones available to choose from. 😉 We also ate lobster, Mom's favorite; what a special treat! I had lobster rolls two days in a row. It was my duty you understand "when in Rome...".
Arriving home on Thursday other special treats were waiting. 
The garden Phlox and Echinacea are in bloom. 
The Brazilian Verbena is attracting Zebra Swallowtails and Goldfinch in flocks!
I potted up a dish garden for Mom's birthday, found a wide variety of small houseplants at a local nursery before we left. I believe that Mom will enjoy this, they have great big windows that let in loads of light in their family room and kitchen area where this should thrive.
A friend from church shared this. She had gone to prepare the altar for Sunday service and sat down in one of the pews to pray after she'd finished. She looked up to see this reflected on the carpet. Wow.
Smile- God is watching!
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

lobster in new england? of course it is a must...so happy for you that your mom has rallied...and yes the decline is so agonizing to watch. i am guessing one of those lobster rolls for me wasn't it? glad you arrived home safe and sound...

Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy you are home safely - I am sure your visit brightened your parents' days enormously!

Janet O. said...

So hard to see your parents declining. What a blessing that your Mom was able to go home again.
I miss the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, since DD #1 moved to Oregon about 7 years ago. I will never forget canoeing on Lake Wakiwan on a gorgeous fall day, with the beautifully colored leaves along the shore reflecting on the water.
But in all my trips to New England over the years, it is the crab that calls to me--hubby fills up on lobster. I had my one experience cracking the lobster shell and pulling out the meat to dip in butter. Been there, done that--and now I always go for the crab. :)
Got a kick out of the cone display. Very clever.
Wow--I was a 4-H entomology leader for a few years, and we saw swallowtails, but never the Zebra variety. How striking!
Oh, my! That photo in the church is really something. So glad she captured it, and you shared it with us.

dq said...

I like your attitude about your aging parents. My dad lost a brother-in-law and mom lost her cousin this past month. I know it is hitting close to home for them that they are aging. It is hitting me too. Dad still seems to have lots of dreams which is wonderful!