08 June, 2024

Wonderful World of Color*

It's a beautiful time of year right now, there's color everywhere. . .
and the quilt blocks under the needle in the sewing room are no exception! I'm still plugging away on the Barn Star Sampler, playing catch up for time missed.
I'm back at it again today, stitching blocks. It's hard, though, when I'm distracted by the wonderful world of color that surrounds me just outside the door. What distracts you?
As for Augie, he's enjoying the warmer days and time spent out on the porch.
We won't get into what distracts him: a leaf blowing by, a reflection in the window, 
a dog barking on television, a fly buzzing by, a stick on the ground... the list goes on! 😄
Life is Good!

*Being of a certain age, this phrase conjures up images of Tinkerbell 
flying over Cinderella's Castle and turning the black and white images
to technicolor on the Sunday evening broadcasts of Walt Disney's TV show.
I recall being ten years old or so and allowed to watch it at a friend's
 home down the street; she had a color TV! Such a sweet memory.


cityquilter grace said...

Glad to see not totally distracted by outside...nice blocks!

Janet O. said...

Ha Ha to the Tinkerbell reference. Recently I was doing volunteer work and was the oldest one in the group. I don't recall exactly what I was about to say to them, but I stopped short before speaking, realizing they would have no idea what I was referencing. That really brought me up short.
Your flowers and quilt blocks are all so lovely! Those Barn Star blocks glow.
I am distracted by a book waiting to be read, a violin piece waiting to be played, and by the chance to get out and walk at dusk.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Augie's list looks a lot like mine . . . great post (and we, too, watched Disney every Sunday evening).

dq said...

The barn star blocks look great!
Loving your flower and the porch photo.