04 September, 2006

Crikey, He's Gone!
I awakened to the news that Steve Irwin was gone, killed in a freak accident while filming a TV documentary. I am stunned. The Crocodile Hunter was one of those guys that I enjoyed watching on television, I enjoyed him immensely! I didn't necessarily enjoy him because of the risks he pursued wrestling with reptiles; in fact I'm not a big fan of crocodiles or snakes at all! I know exactly what it was that brought a smile to my face and encouraged me to tune him in time after time. It was his sheer delight and enthusiasm for what he did.

To me, he personified joie de vivre!

I always thought that as a child he must've been exactly the same; that distinctive, devilish grin and twinkle in his eye as he pulled creepy crawly animals out of his pockets --frightening his mother. Of course, I don't know that, but the mother in me always brought that to mind!
I don't know anyone else that approaches life, or their career, quite the same way.
I know I will miss seeing him. I am so sad to think of his wife and young children left behind.
I can't quite fathom that enthusiasm being squelched, it's almost unbelievable; he was one of those larger than life personalities, gone too soon. I know that I will remember him fondly for a very long time, and I will always appreciate the happiness that he transmitted just by loving what he was doing. There's a LOT to be said for that.

Indeed, he knew it:
Life is Good!

Thanks, Steve.


Flake said...

Are you miking implications about your son... Creepy things in his pockets to freighten his mother?? I would never do such a thing... Besides, it was always blood that you had to worry about with me...

Flake said...


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

No, not making any implications. I think the frightening happens as a result of things being removed from the pockets; not that it was the purpose! I did have other worries where you were concerned... like finding the nearest hospital.