01 June, 2007

June the First

When I was a little girl I watched Captain Kangaroo in the mornings. I was allowed to carry my bowl of cereal into the living room and sit in front of the TV, on the rug, in my pajamas. On that show they always had a birthday party at the Treasure House on the first day of every month to celebrate birthdays! I loved those "first day" festivities. Today is June then 1st, if the show was still running today the Captain, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Green Jeans, Grandfather Clock, Dancing Bear and Mr. Moose would all be singing "Happy Birthday To You" beside a beautifully decorated cake with candles. There were streamers and horns, too. When I was five years old this was almost as good as having twelve birthdays a year!

I received a "just because" gift in the mail a week or so ago, a precious little sign that now sits on my kitchen windowsill where I see it every day when washing dishes or gazing out onto the patio. I am reminded constantly of the kindness of the giver, someone I've never met, someone who blogs Near Philadelphia. She has showered us with her wisdom through well-written and insightful blog postings. She's been faithful to me through e-mail communications, both listening and offering advice, which has been greatly appreciated. We've prayed together, and for each other, over these past few months. Blogger buddies are the best, blogging quilter buddies are even better! We are all blessed by a rich cache of wisdom, humor, assistance, support and camaraderie that we've come to know through this "blogger world". Thanks, Nancy! I love my gift, and you, for blessing me with your friendship and for making every day seem like my birthday!

If your birthday is this month, Happy Birthday!
If not, Happy June!
Life is Good!


CONNIE W said...

You're so right! We have a cyber community of friends with fellowship and support and it's so good.
Yesterday while at WalMart I thought of you as right next to me was an SUV parked that has the spare tire mounted to the rear hatch and on the cover in large words it read "Live Is Good". I was going to snap a photo, then remember I don't have a camera in my car. Well I had my cell phone but I have no idea how to get a picture from it transferred to a computer.

Laurie Ann said...

Great sign. Life IS Good! :)

Shelina said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. G. My sister likes to celebrate her birthday every month too, although it is on her date and not on the first.
What a nice plaque Nancy sent you. She is so sweet, and you deserve a plaque like that that you can look at everyday.

Shelina said...

Hey I just looked again at the cherries. Life is a bowl of cherries. Life is good.

Libby said...

I used to have a Captain Kangroo record - I can still hear Mr. Greenjeans singing 'Button Up Your Overcoat' *s*
What a lovely gift - blogger friends are great.

Jim V said...

Side note:
You know, I'm discovering something in my life. The difference between "attractive display of nice items" and "clutter" is an art form I will never fully master. You've clearly mastered it and I'm officially jealuos.

I'm just very very glad that blogging as put into more frequent contact than ever before. What a gift your blog is.

Life is good. If you don't believe that, just ask your window sill!

Jim V said...

Translation for those of you who do not speak Yizgatvian:

"I'm just very very glad that blogging as put into more frequent contact than ever before."

should be

"I'm just very very glad that blogging has put us into more frequent contact that ever before."

atet said...

I had forgotten about Captain Kangaroo and birthdays. Since June 1st is my dd's birthday, she would have been doubly thrilled.

Blogging is wonderful -- I'm so glad I decided to jump into the water. Life IS good!

keslyn said...

Heres cheers to bloggng friends, and i love your sign, Life is good, isn't it.
Thanks for the B'bay cheers mine is soon.

meggie said...

How sweet! I could almost see the little you, enjoying your TV show. We never had that show in NZ, so I have never seen it.
Yes, no doubt, blogger buddies are great!

Simonetta said...

I always read your blog with a lot of pleasure. One happy June also to you :)))

Quilting Memories said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings, mine is June 16th, It is hard for me to believe I will be 66 years of age (I refuse to say years old).
Missed everyone last week at CCC. Hope to run into you again soon. Have missed seeing you at guild also. YOU NEED TO GET OUT MORE!!!!!
LOL. Have a great day.Remember when you are quilting memories "life IS indeed GOOD!!

YankeeQuilter said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Captian! I too used to watch him except we still had to sit at the kitchen table.

Thanks for the H-B day. Hope you have a good one as well!


Carole said...


Mama Spark said...

I loved the Captain!! I still remember Tom Teriffic and his might dog Manfred!! These new showd have NOTHING on CK!! Life is very good. I love that in your blog. My DH always buys me things with the saying "You are my sunshine" on it, like your Life is Good. I really enjoy your blog.