18 May, 2014

Cutting Corners

I've cut corners to prepare the way for the next border round on "Destination: Unknown", but not in the way  you might think; according to the American Idiom dictionary by Merriam- Webster  "cutting corners" is defined as follows:

cut corners
Fig. to take shortcuts; to save money or effort by finding cheaper or easier ways to do something. They're always finding ways to cut corners. I won't cut corners just to save money. I put quality first.
See also: cornercut

I certainly didn't take a cheaper, easier or faster path; instead, what I did was pretty much the exact opposite!  Out with the existing black and white pieced corner blocks (pictured, left) and in with miniature, appliquéd versions of the "Winding Way" blocks in the quilt's center. These now visually set the stage for the transition to the next, black background, border of "Economy" blocks by echoing back to the center motif at the same time. This month's randomly drawn challenge was a border of "pieced blocks" and "the color orange". I've met the criteria and am pleased with this latest result.
"Destination: Unknown" ~ 49" X 49"
Maybe I should have entitled this post "Replacing Corners". Sometimes things aren't at all what we might expect by definition; and, sometimes the direction we're headed only reveals itself the longer we hold fast and stay the course. There's one more round on this "Head For The Border" challenge; at long last the way seems to be clearer and more straight forward, the final design element and color will be chosen this week, wish me luck!
Life is Good!


Ramona said...

WOW!! This is just stunning. I love it! Can't wait to see what you plan for the next border. Have you considered printing the pattern? I would buy one for sure. :)

Unknown said...


Quiltdivajulie said...

Changing out those corners made a huge difference!

Good for you!

Paula, the quilter said...

Changing out those corners was a wise decision.

LizA. said...

Wow! I just love the way this has all come together. What a fun quilt.

Janet O. said...

I have been so impressed with every round you have added. I must admit that I wasn't sure I would like the removal of those corner blocks--I had loved the chains extending to the corners. But this really works. It frames the center and pulls that inner design element out beautifully. Nice job--I never would have thought of it. : )

Karen said...

What a great quilt. I have loved watching this one evolve.

Millie said...

This is grand.

AnnieO said...

Adding the curves was a great idea. Love it!