11 November, 2016

Golden Glow

This is the view outside my kitchen window this morning. At this hour of the day, with the sun at this angle shining through the autumn-tinged foliage, to stand in our kitchen is to know the reality of being bathed in a golden glow. This is a Kingdom moment, this is what sacred feels like. I am in awe.
Life is Good!
On this, the eleventh day of November, I am deeply thankful 
for all veterans who sacrificed mightily for my freedom.


Janet O. said...

Beautiful thoughts--beautiful photo!

Synthia said...

Thank you for sharing. I am touched and blessed by your photo and thoughts

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I have a similar view from the back of our home. I often just stop and look at the light streaming through the trees ... at any season ... and thank God for the beauty around me and how so very blessed I am in my life. Good post ... thank you!