12 November, 2016

Let The Games Begin

Yesterday was cleaning day at Chez Goodneedle. Do you have a dedicated day for scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting? I don't remember why or when Friday ever became that self-assigned day of the week for me, but it has been for as long as I can recall. I have a method and an order, I try not to let anything interfere. I don't love to clean house, but I do enjoy living in a clean and organized home more than the alternative, that's my deep-seated incentive. I discovered this three-minute toilet cleaning video a few months ago, it has been a game changer for me. Okay, so toilet-cleaning has to be one of the most dreaded household chores, but-- if you make a game of it, as I now do, it's accomplished thoroughly and rapidly. I set the stop-watch app on my I-pad and try to beat the clock; my toilet-cleaning time to beat now is two minutes, thirty-nine seconds. I can be competitive, even with myself! For the rest of the house I use a weekly task chart and revel in checking off the chores as I go. I also turn up the music as I work and dance while I dust. Give it a try, see for yourself, make your cleaning day as enjoyable as possible; but, above all, avoid distractions. Don't defer any jobs for the next day, you want to completely confine cleaning day to a single one or it will drag on forever; remember-- the objective is to get to all those activities you actually like to do. Friday is behind me now, (hallelujah!) a clean and organized home is the Saturday pay-off. What recurring task is it that you dread? Can you devise a way to make it more enjoyable, or, at least, tolerable? Grocery shopping is mine, and all that it represents: from the menu planning to the list making, from the actual shopping to the bag schlepping, unloading and putting away. So far I haven't devised a method for dancing through all of that! Ideas?
Life is Good!
On this, the twelfth day of November, I am grateful for my home.


Shasta Matova said...

That's smart to make Friday your cleaning day - gives you the whole weekend to enjoy unexpected company!
I wished we lived closer, I would happily do your grocery shopping in exchange of cleaning. I follow FlyLady and try to clean every day so that it never becomes a project, but I would love to be able to feel that "finished" feel.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Worked some in the sewing room--always seems to be a mess. Made some progress--lots more to do

Ann Parks said...

When my husband retired, one of his concerns was that he would not feel useful. I said I had the solution to that--please be the cook! He has taken on the task, which includes meal planning and grocery shopping, and it works for both of us! He hasn't always cooked but he had started to do some cooking even before he retired. Now I'm the one that does very little cooking and I'm just fine with that plan!