08 November, 2016

High Contrast Precision Check

These blocks represent a big shift for me in several ways: working in black and white and piecing in miniature, each block finishes to 4".  I started this project a year ago last summer, it is the Summer Sampler at Temecula Quilt Co., this online project offered four blocks a week over the summer months to completion.  I have chosen to follow my own schedule however (read between the lines: she couldn't keep up the pace!) and have resurrected this one from the bottom shelf of my carefully stashed UFO's. 
The high contrast of the chosen fabrics have really kept me on my toes, each teeny-tiny triangle has to be accurate and precise or it would stick out, visually, like a sore thumb. I laid out each block at the cutting table and carried them to the machine on a small cafeteria tray*, assuring each piece, in each row, would remain in order. I chain pieced the rows and "webbed" the block together by chain piecing each row to the next. I then pressed the seams open; doing that is very helpful to make sure that points are not cut off as the final row seams are stitched.
Look for the "v" that forms on the reverse side of the open seam 
and establish the next seam directly through the  "v" for a perfect point.
I will continue to make these blocks, all forty of them, as time allows. Challenge yourself on your next project to stitch as precisely as possible. Working small and in high contrast is completely unforgiving; for me, it has been a good way for me to tune up my skills, the results are worth it.
Life is Good!
On this, the eighth day of November, I give thanks for a 
creative outlet that continues to challenge and reward.

* I recently found the small cafeteria-style trays at a local hardware store. They are perfect for organizing and moving small pieces as well as for stacking and storing projects-in-progress.  


LizA. said...

love them! ONe of these days I will do a b&w quilt. I started some tiny piecing this summer -- 2" finished Sawtooth Stars -- need to finish those. Meanwhile I'm also doing a challenge -- 1.5" finished plus blocks........talk about tiny!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful work! (I have used foil trays but cafeteria trays would be better - less flexing in transit)

KaHolly said...

Bingo! Well done, well written, and very enlightening! I also use a cafeteria tray to transport from the cutting table to the sewing machine because for the time being, it's a long trip. I glued a piece of leftover batting to the tray and made it like a little design board. XO

Jacqueline said...

I am currently sewing my blocks together in rows. I loved this qal and am taking my time in putting the top together. Enjoy the journey.

Janet O. said...

Wonderful little blocks! I knew I wouldn't keep up, either. Didn't even try! I applaud your persistence! It will be a beautiful little quilts! : )

cityquilter grace said...

nice little blocks....doing small ones takes a bit of getting used to but after a while....i loved this sew along! can't wait to see yours finished