09 November, 2016

Loose Change?

Does your loose change jingle in your pocket or weigh your wallet down? If  you attend worship at our church you probably don't have that problem anymore. Before the Children's Message each week these energetic youth scramble to get their tin buckets and collect every last cent from the adults seated in the pews. This "shake down" of their church family is a purposeful one; they are collecting money to feed children in the Philippines through Naomi's Heart Mission. In four weeks they have already collected enough for more that 1200 meals!

On this, the ninth day of November, I am truly grateful for children being raised to have generous hearts and a deeper understanding of a needy world where they, in Christian love, can truly make a difference!
Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Such a lovely thing to read on this particular day.

Janet O. said...

Great way to let your pennies add up to something good!

Lindah said...

Good to have the little ones involved.