01 January, 2021

What's The Word?

I've abandoned "resolutions" and chosen to adopt for myself a guiding word for the year. Here it is... my guiding word for 2021. Mindful won out over a list of others which were, each none, all strong contenders in their own right. But, this is the word that I have chosen to focus on in this New Year. According to the textbook/dictionary definition, mindful means: "attentive, regarding with care; bearing in mind; heedful; observant." Synonyms for mindful are: "careful, thoughtful, watchful, aware of, alive to."
The Biblical definition, from the Calming Grace website, goes a bit further: to be mindful is to pay attention, to be deliberate and on purpose, to be in the present moment nonjudgmentally. It is this focus that teaches us to pay attention to the here and now of our own experiences instead of going through the motions. To relieve our crammed-full minds and over-stressed selves we need to open up a place where God can enter and meet us in that moment, it's an intentional act as opposed to running on auto-pilot.

I believe that being mindful is also a matter of stewardship. For me, there's an understanding that to become truly aware and focused on what I have (time, resources, relationships, health), I need to recognize that they are all gifts from God. Then, and only then, will I be able to better appreciate, treasure and care for those things. Being mindful carries responsibility. Last year's word: "vision", has been a good one and it's not altogether different from this year's; actually, it's a good foundation to build being mindful upon. And what will be my first, mindful, action of 2021? Why none other than cleaning out that scrap basket all over again and trimming those scraps into usable sizes for quilts! That's become a new years' tradition!
I hope I'm up to the challenge.
Happy New Year!
What word or resolution will guide you in 2021?

Life is Good!


Ramona said...

Such a great word and I love the Biblical definition. Happy New Year!

Debbie B said...

Wonderful word. I agree with Ramona, I love the Biblical definition. Things to consider when we speak, act or think. Happy New Year to you and yours! Cheers!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Mindful was my guiding word in 2018 (prompted by younger son's investment in yoga as a wellness ritual). I hope that you find great joy and satisfaction with your interpretations of the word and how they manifest themselves throughout your coming year!

Janet O. said...

Excellent choice, Mrs. G. I appreciate the explanations you gave as to what this means to you.
I wasn't sure if I would choose a word this year or not, but the phrase "real intent" has been rumbling around my head.

Christie said...

I have chosen the word: Joyful
after the year we had last year, I need to seek joy and be joyful in all circumstances.
Happy New Year! HUGS... and stitches

jude's page said...

Great post and I also appreciate the Biblical translation.