23 June, 2021

Quilt Camp, Day #3

Day three of Quilt Camp was a momentous one! As you can see by the clock on the wall, all twenty blocks were completed before 11:00 AM! This was reason for celebration, and a well-deserved break before lunch.
Today was a perfect day, weather-wise; jump roping and spending some time outdoors was a great outlet for expending energy. We had story time after that, time spent with my all-time favorite children's book.
She loves it as much as her Nana does!
Someone left a little surprise this morning. 💗
The afternoon was spent joining the rows together. She was unstoppable. 
She monitored her own progress, keeping track with this tablet parked beside the sewing machine!
In an effort not to tire her out too much, our afternoon break was a card game. That "poker" face! 😂
She finished piecing her top shortly after that, this is a portrait of pure,  proud accomplishment!
She couldn't wait to wrap up in it!
And what could be better to top off the perfect day than some backyard s'mores after dinner?

Life is Good!


Paula, the quilter said...

What an accomplishment!

Janet O. said...

This is priceless!

straythreads said...

Well done!

Robin said...

This is so awesome. Not only did she finish but she sure did a great job. She surely had a good teacher! What a great memory for her. You may have created a new sewing enthusiast, I see great things for her in her creative future. ❤️👏🏻

Tanya said...

A new generation of quilter who uses a tablet. Awesome!

But I especially like her pinned up message. That one is worthy of keeping in my bullet journal!!!