04 October, 2021

Feeling Fall-ish

I've got a million explanations for where I've been. None of them sound nearly as exciting as the truth-- we've been super busy and here, there and everywhere since I last posted; and, while we've been gone, the seasons have changed! I got this pumpkin wall hanging quilted and off the rails before we left. The binding was attached by machine but the handwork was left for the monotonous hours of passenger time in the car. If the truth be told, I finished two quilt bindings by hand in the last week! More than good use of my time, it also keeps my eyes and hands otherwise occupied. I can be a VERY nervous passenger- I blame that on TOO MANY trucks!
I got the pumpkin quilt hung on the porch wall after we arrived back home; that, combined with my low-volume fall-ish lap quilt, help to signal the season change. I still have more plans out here. 

One step at a time. It's all coming together.
This one; our second grandchild and oldest granddaughter, she turned ELEVEN while we were gone. We blinked! 
What a smart, kind, loving and happy addition she is to our family; we couldn't be any prouder. 
I'm back... with lots (and lots) to share.

Life is Good!


Tanya said...

Already eleven!? Can it be!

Your pumpkin quilt really sets the October mood!

AnnieO said...

Great pumpkin quilt! I love Fall colors and decorations best. Your granddaughter is growing up fast—cute pic.