13 September, 2023

I Sewed!

Yes, I did it; I sat down at the sewing machine this weekend and actually sewed! This is the sum total of two days' work, not much in the grand scheme, but it's HUGE after these last two weeks of being sidelined! Yay!! These were already precut and labeled before my little trip onto the brick sidewalk, if they hadn't been I'm not sure I could've gotten this far. I'm unable to use the rotary cutter just yet. 
The pumpkin blocks will ultimately become the borders for this table topper, it was a kit. I committed to three kits from my LQS last year (who offered the kit of the month program); October, November and December. Stay tuned for more, but be patient. My Dad has always said, in situations such as these, "don't hang by your thumbs waiting"! That most certainly applies here.
This is the current situation here, Mr. G is in the kitchen installing backsplash currently (out of view, to the right); Augie is sitting in the Studio (pantry is in view, straight ahead). I'm ironing and he wants to be part of what we're BOTH involved in. Such a loyal little friend. 💗
So, for those of you who've been following this cracked wrist saga; you might recall that I tripped over the garden hose, that was my fateful step. Unbeknownst to me, Mr. G removed that clunky big hose that was my downfall and replaced it with a Flexi-hose. I stepped off from the side porch the other day, taking Augie out, saw this and almost had a heart attack! For all in the world, to me, it looked like a coiled black snake! I grabbed up the dog, and jumped back; it's lucky I didn't trip, fall and break the other wrist. Fear not, my BP has returned to normal.
Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Too Too Funny re the coiled "black snake" aka a new flex hose! Glad you are feeling a bit more like yourself with the cast situation. The first few days really are the hardest. I like that table topper!

Ramona said...

Yay!! for being able to sew! I had a carpal tunnel release done last month and was thrilled when I could sew again after a couple of weeks. I, too, have been startled by my flex hose "snake" and I'm the one who bought it and put it out! :D

Janet O. said...

That must feel so good to get something accomplished in the sewing room!
Such a cute photo of Augie staking a claim on the space that keeps you both within view.
At my first glance at the photo (before reading), I immediately thought "Snake"! Glad that wasn't the case!

Lindah said...

Oh. My. I gasped when I saw that last photo. I, too, thought it was a snake. =-o I have this squeamish "thing" about hoses in the grass, looking snaky.
BTW, I'm impressed with the number of blocks you were able to sew already.
Please tell Augie that I said he is the cutest little doggie I have seen in a very long time. Blessings.

straythreads said...

So glad you continue to improve. Lovely little quilt. That really does look like a snake would have scared the bejabbers out of me too.

cityquilter grace said...

have to agree about the hose...it does look like a snake there...and woo hoo for you back at the machine! love those pumpkins!

Tanya said...

It sure does look like a snake!