26 December, 2023


Another Christmas has come and gone; as always, I was almost ready. Are we ever completely prepared? Naturally, all of the gifts were purchased and wrapped, cards addressed and sent, and the food was ready at the appointed time and place. But, then, there's always those "extras", those things I think I'd like to make and tuck in as a special surprise- those little cross stitch ornaments I admired last July and had every intention of completing. The cute little Christmas quilt blocks that I decided would make such adorable pillows to give my friends. The precious quilted zipper bags for holding treasures. Some more mini-Chrismons for our home tree. The list goes on... did I make any of them? No. Where did all those days and weeks go? What did I do with my time? Sigh. I don't know. So, I tell myself the same thing that I always do:  There's always next year! 
I did get  our annual BIG batch of Almond cookies baked in time for holiday desserts (and snacking).
Gingerbread men (and ladies) were baked and decorated, as well as Sourdough Rustic loaves. 
I was able to keep up with my traditional favorite Christmas movies while I was in the kitchen baking. 

Our children and oldest grands, from the Capital City, spent Christmas Eve afternoon with us. I'm officially the shortest of the whole bunch now. Lucy Ann reminded me that I'm still taller than Augie!  
Christmas day was spent with our son and his family, the youngest grands. Lynnleigh is still captivated by American Girl dolls. Lila, her newest "child" is ready for gymnastics and received her own dog too. 
Gregory is quite skilled on the golf course. Video golf will keep him in good form during the winter. 
Today has been spent cleaning up, breaking down cardboard boxes and making more Rustic Sourdough loaves. These last two turned out very well. Mr. G. bought me sourdough starter and a crock from King Arthur for an early Christmas gift; I have wanted to get back into bread making for some time and this is a great way to begin! I'm really enjoying the process. So, another Christmas has come and gone and here we are again. During this "in between" week I hope to accomplish a few of those aforementioned little "extras" before we launch into the New Year... time will tell. Where, oh where, to begin?!

 Wishing you and yours a blessed week
filled with joy and gratitude and all 
the best in the New Year to come!

Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I have a couple of grandchildren now taller than I am, too. And much more attractive!

Paula, the quilter said...

We spent Christmas with son, DIL, and the grands. I got a call before we left asking if I had anything I could bring for desert. They forgot. Grandma to the rescue! I made a a batch of cupcakes from my mother’s mayonnaise cake recipe I had used the last of my eggs for breakfast and this cake takes no eggs!

cityquilter grace said...

you had a very ambitious list i think mrs g. those baked goods you made take lots of time...and your house is wonderfully decorated...time consuming as well...you'll just have to give up sleeping i guess..

Lindah said...

Beautiful tree! Your bread looks delicious --the KA recipe?
Loved the photos of the grands. How quickly they grow up, eh?
Looking at those photos reminds me that I have been following
your blog for quite a number of years. Thank you for so faithfully
Happy, Blessed New Year!

Janet O. said...

Oh, your first paragraph--my sentiments exactly!
Wonderful cookies! I love seeing the gingerbreads all laid out like that.
Can't believe how grown up the oldest grands are! That is wonderful that you were able to spend time with all of the grands over the holiday.
Happy New Year!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Aside from Little Man, I am the shortest in our merry band of six. I'm the height my mother was when DH and I first married and I really don't like not being able to reach things on the top shelves without asking for help from a taller person or getting out the step stool (sigh). BUT, I am able to do so many other things, I try not to think about the stuff I can't reach. Merry belated Christmas and an early Happy New Year!