12 December, 2023


The trees are up at Chez Goodneedle; not without a few headaches along the way. Lights can be a temperamental thing, even on a pre-lit tree. There's never a mention of tempers flaring and patience sorely being tested by uncooperative lights on any Hallmark movie where the tree springs instantly into brilliant life all while singing carols and sipping hot chocolate; nope, as for us we're going with 'the trees are up'. 
Speaking of temperamental- do you think that we could get this rascal to look anywhere in the direction of the camera for his Christmas picture this year? I think he was embarrassed by the scarf! 
The Chrismon tree is up in its customary place in the foyer. I had intended to make some more small beaded Chrismons this year to add to this tree but time hasn't allowed for that yet. Take a look at the stairs behind the tree, they lead to our finished attic space. Augie's favorite new self-taught game is to drop a ball from the top step to whoever will wait on the landing below; the catcher's job is to pitch it up and over his head for retrieval. This activity can go on for at least thirty minutes, or until one of the players gets too tired! Watch below:
So... last night, while playing like this, the ball slipped through one of the balusters and, unknown to me,  got caught in one of the branches in the back of the Chrismon tree. It was totally hidden.  I was on my hands and knees searching everywhere that I thought it could have rolled while Augie just sat, on the steps, barking at the tree! He knew where it was! 
Here's the family room tree again, from another angle. Gifts can't reside beneath the tree without being carried off and/or torn into; he thinks everything is his.🐾 Enough said. 
More trees. After years, and years, and years... of trying to keep evergreens alive at the front door we've resorted to this variety. They are derived from the hardiest strain of plastique,  require no water, fertilizer, or attention at all; and they came in a box from Amazon! 😉

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

Holiday trials augie style! All looks lovely!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, too funny how little people and dogs (or cats) can have such impact on our holiday decorating! Your trees (however they managed to be decorated and lit) are beautiful.

Bridget said...

We are still in the putting the lights on stage. I will steer clear until my husband is done...that way I will not know if there are words exchanged...it is always something. Augie is soooo cute, and keeping you on the jump! Our cat loves to sleep on the tree skirt, I wonder if it is because there is a wool batt in it. :)